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Which podcasts to listen to stay tune in programming?

Manuel Blanco
Front End guy hacking Node. Vue, Nuxt, SCSS, React, CSSInJS, Typescript - JAMstack included.
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Hi, which podcast you guys would recommend me for learning more about javascript and increase my productivity or enhance my understanding more about programming

Thanks in advance! :D

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Dave Follett

QIT is a great resource for finding podcasts by topic. For example, there are currently 233 results for Vue:

Full disclosure, I contribute to this free and opensource project.

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Daniel Elkington

Just noticing you've posted using the #vue tag - two Vue related podcasts I listen to are the official Vue News podcast and Views on Vue. The Vue News podcast is great for staying up to date, while Views on Vue episodes have a longer running time, taking deep dives into various topics related to Vue.

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Manuel Blanco Author

Thanks, I'll check it out!