On feeling demotivated to learn new things

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I have a year in a half working professionally as a software developer, I'm a frontend developer but if you throw me backend code with node.js I can handle it with somewhat efficiency. I'm blessed and very proud that my first job as a frontend dev it's one that challenged me so much from the beginning that I grew so much in so much short time. But now I feel like I can do everything, and that's a good thing yeah, but I have seen that the "drive" that I had when first started is kinda off...

What do you guys do when feeling demotivated to learn and try new things?

PS: I'm in a great place, I love the work that I do, my family and friends. I just want to find again that "drive" that I had in the beginning so I won't get dumped by the industry itself if I can't keep on learning. I appreciate upfront, all your thoughts, and advice :) have a nice one

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Change the area of work. First of all frontend is scripting and you don't even use serious languages and serious optimizations of data in frontend.

Just switch to the backend as a side project learn python. Start learning C++ C# Java. Use C# with unity to create games. Start learning ML with python. There are so many areas in which you can learn and improve and your statement when you say "I feel like I can do everything" is totally showing that you are just skin dipped into Computer Science.

You can start learning about design of hardware design of complex software solutions. Learning about cloud or decentrilised software.

So many new areas. You just find something new that you haven't do already or that you like to do and you will see how the drive will come along.


Yeah I don't have a college degree or anything, I learned everything online so there's a few areas I haven't explored. At least on frontend development I feel I can do everything. I guess it's time for me to go deep into full stack development.

Thank you for taking the time and reply to this post I appreciate it :)


Yeah sorry now when I read it it might sound diminishing. I didn't meant that I just meant about exploring different areas of software engineering. There are so many from hardware firmware related stuff via all various ways of developing enterprise software middleware and eading software all ways to inventing new languages or writing compilers. Its not like you can learn to be good in everything.

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