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re: Good idea. i uninstalled and am trying with 6.0.1 Fingers crossed

wow am i seeing a lot of errors now. it did not like that at all. said i need to install react-native-icons

ok i did that and am trying to install 6.0.1 again.

it definitely made the terminal angry with all those errors lol

second try same thing many errors popped up and node is mad at me

i am so close yet so far!!

You can check the package.json for exact versions of deps in this repo is not a function. (In '', '' is undefined)

Unable to resolve "firebase" from "config\Firebase.js"

Yep i definitely broke it now i am so close now a little farther!

i want to see what is a hot dog and what is not :-(

Let me try to run your repo and see what I can do.

Ok everything is the same except the firebase dependency and "react-native-unimodules": "0.5.4",

I did a bare install so I needed to use the unimodules for the icons to work

If i have to restart with a managed install i will but not tonight! it is midnight now i have been writing code for over 14 hours

i will check back with you in the morning but check out my repo maybe you can work some magic

i will reply later in the day if you are available if you have any other suggestions.

Thanks for the help!

You will need to install deps like uuid and expo-permissions to make it work. As I said before, please check the package.json file I am using and make sure you have all the dependencies installed if you are not modifying App.js file on your own.

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