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No such thing as "can't"...

Stay Motivated.

Being a programmer isn't easy, if everything were easy we'd never know when we achieved what we're striving for! Similar to hours of debugging code, feeling that imposter syndrome...wondering if this is for you. Think about when you achieve it, and how it gives you the motivation to keep going.

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The Start.

Think about when you first started. For example, some simple html and css tutorials. Easy right? After completing numerous tutorials, I was at the stage where I felt I was making progress. Until I ran into challenges, where the tutorials I feel I mastered didn't help me. Suddenly, I thought I wasn't ready or I didn't know as much as I thought. You can start to question your motivation and confidence. It's perfectly normal to feel like this; an onset of discouragement can start to cloud your focus.

The Come Up.

Things in life aren't easy, think about where you are and how you got here. With motivation, persistence, and determination to name a few. It's all about pushing through! Don't lose your motivation because you feel you haven't yet grasped a concept, and someone else has or made it easy to do so.

  • I'm big on purpose, so if you've read my other blogs ask yourself WHY?
  • Why did you start programming in the first place, why do you want to learn and succeed...? Many people drop programming because they lose sight of their original motivators. This can be due to not making progress during their learning journey or just being overwhelmed. To pivot away from this, constantly remind yourself of WHY!
  • My second piece of advice in anything I do, and especially in programming is to break it down. Why tackle a problem all at once, when you can literally take it piece by piece. Being overwhelmed comes from being overloaded with too much at once. Our minds are powerful and you only feel what you believe, so be confident and manifest determination. Create an environment in your mind where you can intake information on a clear receptive mind.

  • Stay up.

    Programmers with 20+ years of experience, still run into the same issues junior developers do. Remember, don't correlate yourself to others, understand and remind yourself why you're doing this, and break down problems. Take breaks, exercise, eat well, and don't forget there's no such thing as can't, because you can!

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