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re: Worth noting is that everything people are saying you can do better in neovim here, you can do in vim.


resume is more sastifying than new tab, term full-command. Or maybe I should try it again....

I feeled the same until I've found vim-wintabs that had changed my way of dealing with tabs and buffers and helped me to reconsider tabs as helpful.

I only had to add some extra mappings to change tabs following the plugins' <C-[HL]> philosophy with <C-T>[hl] for :tabnext and :tabp respectively.

Also, one last thing to consider although but I'm used to it now, is the <C-\><C-N> to escape the terminal (but also scrolling with the mouse or clicking outside the terminal buffer does it).

Finally, thank you for sharing your experience that syntheticly.

Can't wait for the next year or two with all the communities work...

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