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Discussion on: Decision Time: PHP Framework Dilemma

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Did you ever tried Yii2 PHP framework ?

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SyntaxSeed (Sherri W) Author

Nope, not yet!

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You owe it to yourself to give Craft CMS a try, which is built on Yii2. Coming from WP experience Craft will make you feel like you can finally breathe. And when you get into extending it with custom modules or plugins, it's mostly been a joy for me. The only projects I haven't converted to it are either too small to deserve a framework or too specialized to use someone else's.

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Finally some yii2 love.
We have an in-house CMS pretty much like craft, tailored for our needs which include: deploy using, docker for local development and some configurations magic for SEO/routing - my point is, yii2 is really good, fast and reliable. Give it a try OP