How to implement Apple Pay in mobile app?

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These days Apple Pay represents 70% of the world's card installment volume. So that, Apple is a must-have for your app. In addition, it enables you to acknowledge installment abroad as this service works in 20 nations.

How to execute Apple Pay in your IOS application? Let me explain to you in the article.

Why do you need to use Apple Pay?

Some reasons to implement it
Apple Pay is the main service on the credit card payments market. If you integrate it, you`ll see how loyal can be your customers. Apple Pay is really a perfect and easy way of payment.

Do you know the revenue of Apple in 2019? Q3 reports say it's almost 54$ billions! That's the best reason for you to make a decision. And there`re a few more ones below:

  1. Apple Pay is standard. Nowadays 90% of all contactless payments in the USA are made with this feature.
  2. In 2019 there were about 10 billion of contactless payments made using this payment method.
  3. 253 million people use Apple Pay.

Profits for your users

What can you get? Why would they choose you?

  1. Secureness will be guaranteed. Do you know that 50% of users care about the reliability of service and secureness of their personal data? It’s a great reason to integrate Apple Pay in your app! Apple Pay uses a device unique specific number and code, so it's safe and almost impossible to copy.

  2. You`ll take care about UX. I am sure, that smooth one-click payment is much better than empty text inputs to enter credit card data. Especially, when there is a need to save it on a website to go one-click payment next time. In 2019 it’s essential to implement the best features even in your MVP. Because user expectations got higher.

Nobody likes to enter credit card data in empty text inputs and save data on a website. Apple pay is an easy one-click payment and due to this fact, your customers' satisfaction will instantly grow.

There you'll find a step-by-step guidance: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eUO-J1ccY0HFaMejR4MM5z61KGsl-RIRDMqEnsGc3aw/edit?usp=sharing

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