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Discussion on: I hate your code challenge

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Taboo to say since me saying I hate the majority of challenges means I'm a bad programmer (probably am), but I just don't like the approach. Enough to where I tried to change careers over the way hiring developers is. Especially when I'd end up at places with senior-level people who don't know what bubble sort or Big-O is.

Most of that stuff I have familiarity enough to know what it is and what they're asking, but I don't memorize algorithms, especially when I know I don't need to. If I worked regularly on problems of that size, then it's reasonable to see these challenges (though not with that time limit), but for bloated business applications where you spend more time waiting for budget approval to change than you do actually developing, no. Those people get by without knowing DeMorgan's laws (which would've avoided some bugs), so they definitely aren't thinking about why their n2 loop is making the app crawl.

But I still feel like a commodity the minute they call me a "resource."