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Discussion on: I choose self-learning!

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I recently interviewed for a position that ended up being temporarily short term, and in the process met some of the dev team who all went through a code camp. When I was briefly studying CS in university, one of my TAs ended up at the same company I later did, and she did a code camp after we both got laid off. (I got the same opportunity, but there was really no point--I was already self-taught.) I've had clients and ex-co-workers also go through code camp.

During the conversation with the devs, they immediately blurted out, "You're self-taught!" when I explained my history. It's what worked for me, both economically and practically. There weren't code camps when I was growing up, but the Internet was abound with resources out there.

It's good that you're blogging in Spanish, though. When I worked with some clients who came here from NL, they said it's hard to find resources in (Mexican, Colombian, etc.) Spanish, and what's there is mostly European Spanish that's harder to understand than just reading English.