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Discussion on: Product Preview: Seqton - Blockchain Outsourcing Easily

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you need to fill up mostly with BS (even if your product is good and you could sum it up to one sentence to anyone you need to [...])

I felt like the only one who felt this way. Way too much busywork to demonstrate you're trustworthy. (Kinda ironic that you need to show you're trustworthy on a trustless system, though.)

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Laszlo L Mari Author • Edited on

This is kind of an untold secret. I don't like keeping secrets though. It's totally obvious that out of those 20 pages a product can be summed up in 2, a business plan in another 2 and the blockchain bit usually in one. This is counted with graphics. The rest is clutter and ICOs pay a heavy price (usually over $4000-5000) to fill up the rest of the pages by one of the 'blockchain copywriters'.

I would say it's useless but it actually isn't. If we look at the stats, companies tend to raise a lot more if they have a long whitepaper than the ones who only had budget / energy for a shorter one.