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Ubuntu 22 rocks!

Trying out Ubuntu 22.04 Beta... and it rocks!

  1. Nvidia driver finally supports dual graphics cards usage. Previously, I had to use only my Nvidia driver, which was reducing my battery time drastically. That got fixed with Nvidia's latest 510 driver. However, the driver works only in Xorg mode (not Wayland).

  2. The microphone on my earbuds work properly now. Previously, I could hear the audio, but the mic would not work.

  3. Ubuntu 22 ships with the brand new Gnome 42 desktop, and it's just flawless. On top of all the features, dark cyan desktop theme made my day 🤫. More on Gnome 42 here:

Generally, it's a great time to switch to Linux now. Many PCs won't be able to run Windows 11 now, so why won't you give a try to Ubuntu, Fedora, Manjaro or any other distro of your choice.

Looking forward to the LTE release on April 21 🤞

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