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Top 10 Reasons Why Laravel 9 Is The Most Popular PHP Framework-Codexashish

Top 10 Reasons Why Laravel 9 Is The Most Popular PHP Framework

We will define a number of the attention-grabbing options of the Laravel framework here, which can justify why it's gaining the most quality.

What is A framework?

A framework may be a piece of reusable package that’s been developed to assist developers to produce their applications. It provides specific practicality that one is unengaged to use in their program to expand capabilities and boost performance. Thus, the intention of a package framework like Laravel is to forestall developers from reinventing the wheel by giving them ready-made solutions.

Ex: routing, authentication, sessions, and caching

What is the Laravel framework?

Released in 2011 as associate ASCII text file framework for internet app development.
follows the model–view–controller (MVC) beaux-arts pattern.
The most wide acknowledged PHP framework among GitHub users with 66k+ stars.
Offers improved safety features.

1. MVC Support and Object-Oriented Approach

The first and the best advantage of using the Laravel framework is that it follows - Model, View, associated Controller-based beaux-arts pattern and it's an communicative lovely syntax that makes it object-oriented. Developers conjointly get 20+ pre-installed standard and object-oriented libraries and secondary tools for developing strong internet applications

Laravel’s authentication library permits guaranteeing security to databases with the assistance of options like coding and CSRF protection

2. URL Routing Configuration

In laravel, All Laravel routes are well-defined within the app/Http/routes.php file, which is frequently loaded by the framework. the foremost basic Laravel routes essentially settle for a URI and a Closure and so, offers an easy, communicative technique of declaring routes.

3. Built-In Authentication and Authorization

The Laravel provides associate out-of-the-box configuration for the Authentication and Authorization system. That is, precisely some trained worker who commands your application are equipped with secure Authentication and Authorization.

4. Multiple File System

Laravel conjointly encompasses inbuilt support for the cloud storage system like Amazon S3 and Rack area Cloud Storage and in fact for native storage. It's surprisingly easy to change between these storage choices because the API remains identical for every system. One will use all 3 systems in one application to serve files from multiple locations like in a very distributed atmosphere.

5. Artisan Console

Laravel has its own instruction interface referred to as a trained worker. Common uses of trained workers embrace business enterprise package assets, managing information migrations, seeding, and generating boilerplate code for brand spanking new controllers, models, and migrations. This feature frees the developer from making correct code skeletons. One will extend the practicality and capabilities of the trained worker by implementing new custom commands.

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