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Mahmoud EL-kariouny
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Python challenge_18🐍💪

Solution validation

  • The aim of this challenge is to write code that can analyze code submissions.
  • We'll simplify things a lot to not make this too hard.
  • Write a function named validate that takes code represented as a string as its only parameter.
  • Your function should check a few things:
    the code must contain the def keyword otherwise return missing def

  • the code must contain the : symbol otherwise return missing :

  • the code must contain ( and ) for the parameter list otherwise return missing paren

  • the code must not contain () otherwise return missing param

  • the code must contain four spaces for indentation otherwise return missing indent

  • the code must contain validate otherwise return wrong name

  • the code must contain a return statement otherwise return missing return

  • if all these conditions are satisfied, your code should return True.

  • Here comes the twist: your solution must return True when validating itself.

Test your solution here:

My Solution

def validate(code):

    if "def" not in code:
        return "missing def"
    if ":" not in code:
        return "missing :"
    if "(" not in code or ")" not in code:
        return "missing paren"
    if "(" + ")" in code:
        return "missing param"
    if "    " not in code:
        return "missing indent"
    if "validate" not in code:
        return "wrong name"
    if "return" not in code:
        return "missing return"
    return True
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All The best.

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