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Day-95 Training At Ryaz

  • Date:26/05/2022
  • Day:Friday

Today, I started at about at 10:30 am as I was in progress to complete the java script coerce and the bidding project so, today I started with left over task so, Today I started with the cource firstly I started with static methods Static class methods are defined on the class itself.we cannot call a static method on an object, only on an object class.after this I started with object.create The Object.create() method creates a new object, using an existing object as the prototype of the newly created object.In the object-oriented programming we already know the importance of classes and objects but unlike other programming languages, JavaScript does not have the traditional classes as seen in other languages. But JavaScript has objects and constructors which work mostly in the same way to perform the same kind of operations. so, this way my day ended up and I get to learn many new things.

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