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re: Explain Object Storage like I'm Five VIEW POST

re: I admit I can't find the right analogy to explain files, dbs and object storage right now so I'll drop the "like I'm five" part but still keep it s...

Thank you learned something new :)

So how do developers decide which type of storage is required at what context in project?


If you have more than instance of a server you probably end up storing common data in object storage because it's distributed and you can access it from wherever. Think about it: if you store "filea.txt" in the file system of the server the only way you can get to it is if you connect to that machine somehow, download it on your computer and then upload it somewhere else you might need it.

With a distributed object storage you just need the path and you can access it from wherever.

The file system in a cloud context is useful for temporary local data: let's say you're writing an image processing system, you are interested only in the last artifact, not the steps in the middle. Another use for a file system is to actually store the files of an application server you want to install manually, like on your computer :-)

A database gives you querying capabilties, the ability to join related and unrelated data, data typing and validation, the whole ACID set of features and so on. Not all databases have all the features and some are better than others depending on what you need.

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