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Awesome Magento 2 Blog Extension

magefan profile image Magefan Updated on ・2 min read

While everyone is so desperately looking for some best SEO improving or sales-boosting modules in order to drive more traffic to their websites they forget about the value of a blog.

Content is king, so why don't use it as the main traffic generator? Magento 2 Blog in the extension that allows you to manage your store and blog FROM ONE PLACE which is very convenient.

It is the professional marketing tool with the best SEO practices and social promotion features that will help you generate more traffic to your website, acquire new customers and increase your website's profit and that all by regularly writing on some relevant topics.

With Magento 2 Blog Extension you will be able to:

  • create blog posts, categories and tags
  • optimize your blog meta information
  • set the advanced permalinks for your blog posts
  • establish a relationship with your customers through blog comments
  • configure internal links (next&previuos posts)
  • configure blog sidebar widgets
  • structure your posts with the Magento 2 page builder


-Responsive Design
-Multi-layer Categories
-Multi-layer Tags
-Comment engines
-RSS Feed Optimization
-Blog XML Sitemap
-SEO-friendly URLs
-WYSIWYG editor
-Post Search Widget
-Blog Categories Tree Widget
-Tags Cloud Widget
-Recent and Featured Posts Widgets
-Archive Widget
-Author’s Block
-Related Posts Feature
-Blog Author Feature
-Blog Import Feature
-Related Blog Posts & Products
-Media Gallery
-Auto-publishing on Facebook
-Social Share Buttons
-Multi-store & Multi-website Support

And those are only free features. Magento 2 Blog extension is available in 3 editions with different functions and features. So, don't hesitate to check that out.

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