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MageAnts - Robust Magento Extensions
MageAnts - Robust Magento Extensions

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Magento 2 Image Gallery Extension by MageAnts

Make your e-com website more aesthetic and visually appealing by equipping it with a full-fledged image gallery with this magento 2 image galleryextension. Add beautiful pictures of your products, team, work unit, etc. and help your clients know you better.

Key Features

Clean and responsive design
The magento 2 image gallery extension has a very clean and to-the-point design. It has no unnecessary gimmicks or add-ons, just an elegant and functional extension which serves its purpose perfectly. Also, the extension design is completely responsive. This means that no matter what device size your viewer owns, they can very neatly access your aesthetic image gallery.

Categorize the images to organize better
The extension allows you to organize all the images on your website into various categories. You can choose appropriate categories according to your portfolio. This would create an impression of a professional and well-maintained organization on the viewers.

Multiple categories for multiple images
The admin panel of the extension allows you to create multiple image gallery categories on your website. You can choose the type of categories you wish to display on your website. The admin panel gives you complete access over controlling them. You can create categories and assign them to the images of your portfolio.

You can even assign a single image to multiple categories if that is what the need is.

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