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"You are not starting from zero."
Thank you! I have to remind myself of this often. I appreciate your honesty here in this piece!

In my previous role, I had the title of data analyst but, that's not what my last job entailed. So, I've been continuing to learn (SQL, Python, Excel, Tableau, etc.) since then and am now enrolled in a part time data analytics course with the goal of landing a job as a DA. Networking can be daunting to me too, as another commenter mentioned here.


It's so tricky.

In my organisation, there are cases where a Data Analyst has been hired by a non-technical manager who wasn't sure what to hire for. In some cases Excel is enough, in others SQL/Python is essential. It's a tricky job title as there are so many different things you could be doing depending on the role.

Good on you for upskilling to go after a more technical job. :D

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