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I have a few recommendations.

  • just like what @robertmjohnson said, switching to vim is probably the most optimal choice.
  • Assuming you are using chrome, use Vimium
  • Use Wox to open any application.
  • Utilize Windows 10's virtual desktops; Instead of trying to spam alt-tab to find the right window, you could separate and organize all those windows into two Virtual desktops.
  • Take a peek at all of Windows 10's shortkeys
  • Ask yourself the question of "Can this mouse action on this application be replaced by keyboard shortcuts?", then look into what short-keys the said application provides.
  • Script key-sequence, short-keys, or cursor actions with AutoHotkey. This is pretty easy to use and AutoHotkey provides really good documentation.

With that said, I think there's a diminishing return to trying to familiarize yourself with so many possible keyboard shortcuts. You want to slowly ease into this. Also, try to not have too many apps/tabs opened; the less you have on the screen, the less maneuvering you'll have to do.


Great suggestions! I will have to research all of these. I didn't even know Windows had virtual desktops.

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