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Discussion on: Explain Docker to Me and When Would I Use it?

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Mac Siri • Edited on

You could go to the grocery store to pick up your cooking ingredients and maybe make an additional trip to that farmer's market, which happens to be further away, to grab other thing OR you can rely on Blue-Apron/Plated/Hello-Fresh/Peach-Dish to gets you everything you need. You would use it because it's a time saver and if you were to tell your friend to try a specific dish from one of the aforementioned delivery services, it would very likely to come out the same way you would make it.

I personally buy my own grocery though.

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Cat Author • Edited on

I think I might get it:

You are at a taco party:

There are many, many ingredients to make your own taco.

You must assemble it on your own plate.

You made a super delicious taco on your plate.
You're gonna make it again without disturbing others' plates.

Friend wants what you're having.

You could "clone" your plate/make that taco on his plate (?)

Or you give him the same recipe and he tries to make it on his plate.

He adds -- like, I dunno, twizzlers-- which is not on your taco.

He does not harm your taco, but he screws up his own.

  • Taco bar = general server environment
  • Plate = container
  • Ingredients = possible ways you can make your app
  • Your Awesome Taco = your app
  • You = better taco maker
  • Friend = probably high