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Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I've been hooked to this platform ever since I started exploring the idea of becoming a software engineer. I'm excited to connect, share and give/receive support as I embark on my journey to becoming a software engineer (going the self-taught route).

I'm currently a work-at-home and homeschooling mom with a background in Materials Science & Engineering. I also have been blogging over the past 12 years. My coding journey began when I started launching Wordpress-based sites.

I'm interested in enhancing my tech skillset so I can shape a more flexible career that is beneficial for my entire family. After exploring coding bootcamp options, I've realized that the self-taught route is what will work best for my lifestyle right now. I'm absolutely open to any resources that were helpful to those that went the self-taught route to becoming a software engineer!

I look forward to connecting with you all! 


Wow, you sound like you have it so together! Welcome to the dev community Maeling. I look forward to seeing your posts.


Hi Katie! Thanks for the welcome. Definitely taking it one day at a time, absorbing the lessons of each day. Looking forward to connecting here!

I’ve found everyone to be really helpful here. Just respond to a post with a question and you will usually get an answer quickly. In my 3 months here, I’ve already chatted with most of the DEV employees and owners and even help out in welcoming newcomers.


Great to read about your experience with Wordpress, I myself have a great passion for that platform


Thanks! It really is a great CMS that seems to be continuously expanding.


Hi Maeling -

I am a fellow Materials Engineer trying to learn Python! I am also going to self-taught route.

Good luck!


Hi Ariane! That's awesome. Always great to meet a fellow materials engineer! Best wishes to you!


I’m mostly self taught! And you’re already an engineer so it should be much easier for you. 😅

I think a good starting point is knowing how to fiddle with examples. One great site for that is called JSFiddle. There are others too. I really like Codepen. If you are curious, you can just change things and see what happens. If something breaks you can just refresh. After that you will want to get a local environment set up. You might want to have a goal of getting NPM installed on the command line and then using Create React App.

The other starting point will be getting good at reading documentation and googling for explanations. I think the React and Vue docs are both pretty good. And I end up on Stack Overflow for specific solutions to problems many times throughout my day.



Nice one Michael thanks for Sharing.


Hey Michael!

Good one, lol! Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to share these recommendations!

Much appreciated!

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