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What terminal do you use?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

I'm running Git Bash since the day I installed Git. It's been awesome since it's been stable, fast and I prefer the UNIX-like environment.

What terminal do you use and why?


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I work on a mac so I use iTerm, with a zsh shell and I'm using the spaceship theme of zsh so I can see git details as well as my package version and what version of node I'm using!
mac terminal


Looks so πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ tbh πŸ’―


it's like play Justin Bieber to an alien who doesn't know Michael Jackson exists.


Have you tried to contribute something to it? πŸ‘€


Hyper β™₯️ It got super awesome plugins and I can customize it in any way I want πŸ™‚


Yeah, I found it randomly and now I used it daily, super light and fast(compare with other base-electron app !!) + full customizable


fast? Even VS Code is faster than Hyper. Hyper is the slowest terminal I know lol

I used windows 10 and it fast as hell bro

how is that related

I'm not talking about the OS

I'm talking about the terminal


I've heard some good stuff about hyper πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


I need to look into that, for sure πŸ‘€


I use kitty. When kitty isn't available I use termite. If I can't have any of those I go for whatever is the default. Unless the default is xterm, in that case I would try to install lxterminal or xfce4-terminal.

For the shell I prefer zsh.


I use kitty too. I work on macOS and I find it has enough added value over the 'native' Terminal.app with much better performance than iTerm.


Windows Terminal with Git Bash and Ubuntu Bash :)


Just the default Terminal for Mac.

I've thought about switching to ITerm or Hyper for the fun customization options, but there's something to be said about how fast, simple, and resource-light Terminal is. :P


Did you try them after all? πŸ‘€


I've never been super picky when it comes to terminals, as long as there are tabs I use whatever. Mainly Konsole with fish shell. No particular reason why I use Konsole. Fish shell I've gotten used to the colored feedback when typing commands.


I don't know if I'll ever be able to give Fish up. I love being able to start a new function with funced/funcsave, and also the abbreviation system.


Yeah fish got so many good features once you get used to it, it feels so weird to use bash. I have quite a few abbr, and functions too.


Forgot to mention on my work laptop Win10 I use cmder.


How many have you gone through? πŸ‘€


Not many tbh. Cmder on Windows, and powershell. On Linux, terminator, alacritty and Konsole, the latest with tmux and I'm set.


Windows terminal with WSL2. so it's real bash on real linux. I've moved most of my dev work in here because a lot of the stuff I do runs on linux servers anyway, so developing and local testing in WSL2 reduces a lot of possible issues, very often due to slight differences in dependencies. On the plus side, being in a full linux environment means access to not only bash and gnu tools, but also full on linux programs that aren't available if you're running in git bash.


Have you used WSL before WSL2, btw? πŸ‘€


yes, and I actually still use both, since WSL has faster Windows file access


For local work, either Windows Terminal or the terminal built into VSCode. For remote work, kitty, though I'm not married to either, and I'm starting to use VSCode more and more for remote work as I get more used to it and change my work flow to adapt to it.


Let me guess, you're well familiar with this? πŸ‘€


Familiar with it, but for now, I'm just using VS Code Remote SSH or git clone'ing the repository and working on it locally. The Remote SSH takes a bit of startup time since it seems to download and run the "server" fresh every time. Been having internet issues lately, so I've been doing more cloning to the local machine, but the Remote SSH is very convenient once I have it open.


In Linux I normally use Tilda drop down terminal or Guake or gnome-terminal if I have to; in Windows I use Hyper terminal mostly, but use Windows Terminal on occasion. Then I use my own 'UniShellect' tool to load other shells.


Are you talking about this? πŸ‘€


On windows, I use windows terminal for its ability to easily tab.

On linux, I use Kitty for its incredible performance and lightness, by far the most instantaneous terminal I've managed to find.

On MacOS, I use iTerm2 because that's like... The only approximately okayish option, even if its slowness and heaviness is pretty annoying


Got yourself covered on all sides, good job! πŸ‘
How is the transition between them? How often do you change platforms?


Overall, pretty painful when going on MacOS, due to the absence of accessibility settings (need reduced motion and better contrast / font size) and shortcut mess.

I switch between all three pretty much daily.

  • At work, I switch between my Linux workstation for main work and my macbook for iOS patches and VPN access (because our VPN is old and crap, and apparently only MacOS still supports them, my linux's package DB doesn't have the required packages since a few years ago).
  • At home, I switch between my Linux laptop, for when I drop into my bed to write some articles or continue to write my book, and my Windows workstation, to code, draw, and play games

I tried many times to install other terminals like Hyper etc and for some reason they were always really slow compared to the default mac one or linux one.

I have though a good set of custom functions and aliases that I commonly use.


So, you went back to default mac one? πŸ‘€


As mentioned yep. Default one with a strong number of functions and aliases


first I used the Default terminal of the Linux but it's to much boring for me then I was installed ohmyzsh terminal its fairly seems to be good but his speed to much slow then I come back to default terminal of the Linux . I Prefer speed instead of funs...


I guess everything comes with its price πŸ˜‰


Ive used termite, alacritty, xterm, and st. Termite is greatest, but because of its age it has issues building on modern distros, so I use st its blazing fast and very customizable.


I'm a big suckless fan, but I switched from st to kitty, because of sixel (I can view images right in the terminal now). As soon as I get st working with sixel, I'll switch back.


Which one are you using now? πŸ‘€


Zsh Shell with powerline10k it's just so awesome and the scripts i added on my own in .zshrc instead if plugin installed by oh my zsh or plug as they slow down so yeah its way better now.


Awesome you find your solution πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž


I'm using powershell with starship so far, it's awesome and so much better than the default command prompt on Windows: git sensitive, more user friendly, ergonomic, etc

Life changing !


Looks clean πŸ’―


Windows - WT if available(preferring cmd, ps , wsl shell)
Linux - gnome terminal preferably (shell bash, zsh) althought any terminal(xfce, konsole, xterm) is just fine as long it's bash or zsh shell

Like to keep it minimal if I can open an cmd and run then that's it

Although I keep updating my setup such as using WT on my personal machine, while my work pc still use basic cmd terminals mostly


Yup, the main thing is what works for you and how efficient you are with it πŸ‘πŸ˜‰


Sorry if this posted twice. Actually hit the post button around 1500, but when I came back to the tab, it was hung. At any rate...

Given your "prefer the UNIX-like environment" statement, I'll assume you mean "terminal program for Windows". In which case:

  1. PuTTY: it's the option that combines good capabilities, "least-annoying" and fairly light weight.
  2. MobaXterm's decent (especially for when you need X redirection but don't want to have to think about it), but, it intercepts some key-combos that have some REALLY annoying results.
  3. Git-Bash is ok, but it's a bit too stripped down of a Cygwin implementation.
  4. Prior to Windows 10's WSL, I'd have included Cygwin/X. It's primary downfall is that it's a heavy solution.

Speaking of Windows 10/WSL: if I don't need X redirection, firing up the WSL Ubuntu app is probably the least-painless, most fully-functional option for a "UNIX-like environment to either work in or jump out from".


Yup, you got me right πŸ˜‰
I see some lesser know options here, def would need to take a deeper dive on these, thanks πŸ‘


iTerm2 because it can do this fancy thing with "Quake-like" console that drops down from the top of the screen ^_^
And because it's handy to be able to show/hide the terminal on any workspace even above full-screen application.


Seems it could be my choice when I'm on Mac πŸ‘


I used iTerm + Atom for a while but switched to the terminal built into VS Code once I moved to that IDE. I really like having all the tools I need built into a single app, but iTerm was fantastic and had no issues using it either.


What made you switch from Atom? πŸ€”
I still love UI of it so much, tbh 😍


kitty... has multiplexing support.. so no need for tmux (i know tmux can do moar... but slow af)... and it's fast, snappy, has ligature support, configurable... it's noice!
config: gist.github.com/audacioustux/4967b... (there's alacritty config too.. but alacritty + tmux was shitty experience for me.. tmux slows down everything)


Sounds interesting! Especially the terminal multiplexing part. Will be checking out Kitty! :D


Cmder is a pretty nice one



Somewhat it feels underrated for its simplicity πŸ˜‰


For a long time I have used Kitty and later Alacritty. After switching over to Windows , Windows Terminal with Alpine WSL (barebone gnu utilities was enough for my daily usage) was my first choice for its speed, and spent some time in Fluent Terminal as well. I am planning to switch over to hackintosh, where maybe I would go with iTerm, not sure though.


TL;DR - Alacritty + Tmux

Alacritty with tmux. Using alacritty forced met to get familiar with tmux. Although I'm not even close to being a pro tmux user using tmux greatly helps when connecting to servers. You don't have to create multiple sessions for the sake of running multiple things parallel-y or monitoring a bunch of different stats. One ssh session and use tmux to multiplex your terminal.
Super useful now in the remote world. We have to ssh into machines and servers all the time and tmux comes in handy. If you're pairing and are constrained by network. Both of you can now just ssh into the machine and connect to the same tmux session (instead of sharing screen)

Tmux can be used on any terminal - but Alacritty forced me to use it. Alacritty provides no panes and provides for only one shell at a time.


Awesome insight, thanks for this! πŸ‘πŸ”₯


! My Terminal
I just today read a post about terminals and I tried to use a new terminal for fun, learning, and being cool. So I tried the starship and It felt pretty cool too.


The link won't work ☹


I use Powershell on Windows, and ZSH on Linux. Powershell just has better integration on Windows, specifically with Docker Desktop for me, which I use heavily. ZSH is my preference though for all the useful customizations.


I need to try that thing, thanks πŸ‘πŸ’―


I have iterm2 installed but I generally only ever need to use the integrated terminal in VSCode.


I like how it's all baked in, too.. πŸ‘ Sometimes I even miss the preview panel, like it is in Codesandbox or Codepen πŸ˜‰


iTerm2 with Zsh ❀️


I use Terminal in Linux Lite, then I install tmux and setting it for run in Terminal startup with this code in first line of .bashrc:

[[ $TERM != "screen" ]] && exec tmux

Mac Terminal with zsh.

I used Hyper for a while, but everything I liked about Hyper is faster and simpler with zsh.


Windows Terminal with WSL and powershell. Best of both worlds :)


Right in the middle between the two πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I started with bash, it has been good to me for several years but now I'm trying out fish because themes!! And I have yet to find fault with it


Kitty and Termux. Sometimes I also use hyper.js, but it can be slow.


At the end of the day speed is my priority, too πŸ‘
But it's always nice to have something fancy too for the low cost of resources πŸ‘πŸ˜‰


On Mac, ITerm2 with zsh & oh my zsh framework (like plug-ins alias & themes)

I use the terminal in vscode too, it s very convenient


Windows Terminal


Have you tried to contribute smth? πŸ‘€


tmux with bash in Linux, the new Windows Terminal (github.com/microsoft/terminal) in Windows


Cmdr. I tried it a couple of years ago and never switched back to GitBash.


cmder for windows


Alacritty (on Linux desktop)


Need to explore it more, for sure πŸ‘


The default Terminal for Mac, but I use Fish shell (which is the best shell imo).


iTerm2 with zsh β™₯️


I just switch to ZSH with oh-my-zsh. Love it! Especially the git plugins.


I've considered this option, especially for the customization options πŸ”₯πŸ”₯