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What's the most math-intensive project you have ever done?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

These could be anything from game development, audio programming, physical, chemical engineering, cryptography, data analysis, optimization processes, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.

Could you please describe the project and what tech stack did you use?

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Mateusz Podlasin

My math degree!

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Kinanee Samson

This is so funny, excuse me

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Rob Reid

A box size calculator to determine the number of products that would fit into a given number of box options, using bin packing but also allowing for products to be stored horizontally, with smaller products tucked underneath.

That was in Go.

dansilcox profile image
Dan Silcox

Geospatial ‘find nearby’ queries 🤯

patarapolw profile image
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Most of the stuff I have to do in R language #rstats / Geospatial representation.

thomasthespacefox profile image
Thomas Leathers

If i had to pick one, it would have to be SBTCVM A Balanced Ternary Virtual Machine, complete with compiler toolchain. If i had a dime for the number of curveballs the Balanced Ternary math threw me... most of the stranger aspects are down to what a balanced bsse number is: not including zero, they have an equal number of positive & negative digits...

Balanced Ternary, uses digits for +1, 0 and -1, and is the simplest possible Balanced Base Number.
This means a few things... Such as all numbers being signed, negative digits coming before zero +, +-, +0... and other strange aspects...

Overall, the main thing that makes its math intensive is the lack of native language support for the base number, and the main thing that makes the math complicated to understand is just how poorly explored & different Balanced Base Numbers are...

As for the tech stack, the current version, toolchain & All is written in python, and uses pygame for graphics & sound. A newer version that will eventually be coded in rust is in the works.

mileswatson profile image
Miles Watson

Probably my rudimentary quantum computing simulator. I had to spend a few months self-studying a textbook to fully appreciate why it worked! If anyone’s interested, I would recommend the book “Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists”. There’s also a much shorter YouTube video which serves as an introduction.

izzy_ikigai profile image

Predictive analysis of space usage of a customers file server based on past data. That was 5 years ago and it was spot on. Tbh I'm not sure how I dialed it in so well that it worked out so great, especially since I was predicting 5 years into the future out of 18 months of data I had :')

w00tkaeppi profile image
Jascha Vossel

As a mathematically complex project, I would name the fully automated competition algorithm for a medium-sized German company. I realized this in PHP using a database (SQL). I implemented the graphical user interface with cascading style sheets and of course HTML. My development environment was the container solution from Docker (DDEV) and the VS Code program from Microsoft.

ciochetta profile image
Luis Felipe Ciochetta

I worked on a project early this year that was a pixel art editor there were layers of arts for clothes and items, and the user would be able to export what he did

This export function could export the art in several different ways, you could have one a animation for each row, have each layer in a different row etc.

I don't know if there is a better way to do this, I couldn't thought of one at the time, so I was working with arrays of pixels for each layer

Turns out pixel arrays are kinda tricky, they are one dimensional array that represents a two dimensional thing

So I spent a good time designing the functions that would move a object from a point of a image to another and sequencing them

about the tech, was using Electron

shadowtime2000 profile image

A small Python video game which I never completed, the math was the collision system and some other math to have enemy cubes point to and move to the player.

cassandra profile image

Dabbled a bit in Algorithmic differentiation, using C++. :)

altamas2049 profile image
Altamas Khan

Math itself a project. No one knows it properly , and still great mind put there mind to complete this project but still its incomplete .

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Loouis Low

To create a 3-dimensional space with radiofrequency and to find object location and distance in real-time.

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Kinanee Samson

There was once I had to build a calculator on javascript and a temperature converter