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What keyboard do you use?

Laptop user here, looking for solid keyboard options to upgrade.
What keyboard do you use and why did you choose the particular model?

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Michel Renaud

I use a Kinesis Freestyle for my work laptop and a Freestyle 2 for my personal computer (iMac):

I used a Das Keyboard at home for about two and a half years but switched back to the Kinesis a couple of months ago when I developed problems in my right arm.

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Félix Paradis


I use an Ergodox-EZ which I like better than my Dygma Raise even though the learning curve is MUCH steeper

Long version:

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Julien Gabriel

Thanks for this feedback! I'm really looking to buy Ergodox-EZ
I'm currently using a Typematrix without letters on keys. So I know how to type without looking my keyboard, and also with one hand on each half of keyboard.
What kind of computer do you use ? Mac ? Win ? Linux ?

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Félix Paradis

You're welcome!

I've been using a mac for the past 10+ years (might switch to Linux when my macbook pro dies though 🤔)
But, keyboard-wise, it doesn't really matter. Both the Ergodox-EZ and the Dygma Raise work well on the 3 major Operating Systems.

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Julien Gabriel

That's great then! The Typematrix is a pain to configure on MAC OS event with some app like Karabineer...

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anyone ue TKL for programing?
is it really nice ?

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Adrian C

TKL is the best layout! Ergonomics of keys + numpad + mouse are bad. Getting rid of the numpad solves this.
Get a separate numpad if you really need numbers.

TKL seems to be the minority tho. There was an article on Ars Technica about this and the TKL fans were outvoted :-/

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As a casual gamer, a year ago I got Logitech G Pro which is a TKL mechanical keyboard (MK)... it's nice, so nice for programming, Lightroom, web, emailing, command line, any kind of shortcuts... Even my GF (she's not geeky at all) admits that there is something into mechanical keyboard input feel.

Have you ever pressed down keys really hard and longer than normal because Ctrl+C didn't work as expected and you didn't knew it was your fat fingers or bug in software/OS? MK's work very consistently and accurately on any key while giving mechanical feedback. So your brain gets used to it and it gives this freeing typing feeling, like the fresh mountain air at 1-3km altitude.

But ever so often when dealing with the number inputs (Excel / bitrate / bandwidth / TFA / calculator etc.) I really miss full numpad even though use moue a lot and close proximity is nice feel as well. So, that's a tradeoff.

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Victor Samson

TKL is my favourite layout. I'm too reliant on arrow keys to get rid of them!

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how about inputing number? i think its a bit difficult for programing ?

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Geoff Davis

I personally don't have an issue not having a numpad. I haven't used a keyboard with a numpad in years, and never while programming.

I find having numbers close to the letter and operator keys makes using those together a smoother experience.

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Geoff Davis

Using one now. Yes, a TKL is perfectly suited to programming!

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Kay Kleinvogel

There are 2 keyboards I'm using. One for the office (open floor) and one for my home setup.

For the office I'm having the Logitech mx keys.
It's such a great keyword and it's not loud so I won't distract my colleagues.

For my home setup I'm having a razer black widow rgb with orange switches. Just such a nice feeling especially when there is nobody to bother with the sound.

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I've been using a Ducky One RGB with Cherry MX Red switches for the past two years. It works really well, it is easy on my wrists and it has some cool light effects.

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Brian Brewder

Wow, lots of different keyboards here that I've never heard of. I'll have to check some of them out. For me, it's the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard. The mouse is garbage (I just toss it), but the keyboard meets all my requirements.

  • Ergonomic keyboard - Easy on the wrists for long coding sessions.
  • Wrist support - Again, important to help preserve the use of my hands (it would be difficult to work without them)
  • Oversized [DELETE] key optimally placed - It's my most used key in this section of the keyboard.
  • Arrow keys in the standard configuration - Makes it easier to hit the keys without looking.
  • Numeric keypad - This is a must on a desktop keyboard for me.
  • Minimal size - I don't like the big, clunky keyboards. I wish they wouldn't bother with the media keys, but the MS solution is reasonable to me (it's a hard switch, I just leave it on my F-keys).
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Same here, may I add as a bonus point you can place the numeric pad to the left of the keyboard to enjoy extra symmetry and ergonomy!

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Daniel Schulz

I've got a Logitech Craft and love it. The MX keys feels just the same and is way cheaper, so that would be my go-to option these days.
Disclaimer: I don't like mechanical keyboards.

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Octavian Matei

I have Logitech MX Keys and I just love it :-)

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Seem good keyboard, but in my country the price $150 seem overpriced in taxes

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Vladimir Smyshlyaev

The previous year I decided to invest in Ergodox EZ ( It was hard to get used to it while I had to all the time change between my office keyboard (Logitech K380) and the ergodox one, but since pandemic started it took a week to build layouts for myself and get used to it. Especially challenging was Cyrillic layout because there are not enough keys in the rows to place all the letters to their common places. Here what it has become:

But in the very end, there is a feature of the keyboard I love the most - it is ortolinear. I used to have pain in my left wrist because I bent it to the left following the placement of the keys, don't need to do it anymore.

The same team also builds Planck keyboards, those are more compact, cheaper (than ergodox but still expensive), still ortolinear but have a bit conceptual way of switching key layouts.

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Steven Doss

For gaming I use a Razer blackwidow.

For work I was just using the normal keyboard that came with my work computer but I started getting wrist pain so I picked up a cheap ergo keyboard that I found on sale for $30 ( until I can convince myself to spend the money on a Kinesis Advantage2.

I was all about getting the flashy keyboard for coding at first, but it's not worth messing up my wrists. I am only 27, I got a long time of programming ahead of me. I just want the most ergonomic thing I can get now.

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Ben Sinclair

I use a cheap Tecknet keyboard (I think it's an earlier version of this one:
I got given it by someone who didn't like the clackiness of the blue-switch keys.


  • very solid-feeling
  • comfortable keypresses
  • good quality, long, braided cable


  • a little too clacky, yes
  • cable isn't removable
  • RGB that's in a fixed rainbow. People like it when they see my desk on zoom calls, but I really would prefer a simple pale backlight across all keys, and this isn't configurable apart from to make it flash like an 80s disco.

I'd like to upgrade to something with reds or browns that's missing the arrow-key section and has better lighting. I want lights like I see on my Macbook keyboard really.

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John S. Kim 💬

These days, I use mostly default MacBook Pro keyboard as I'm always moving around the house.

But used to use Real Force in the past. Likes Happy Hacking Keyboard, but recently got this one referred by a team mate:

Haven't received it yet, but excited! :)

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Theofanis Despoudis

Gee 310€ for a keyboard? Are you serious?

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John S. Kim 💬

Invest in violin for violinists
Invest in piano for pianists
Invest in sword for knights and samurais
Invest in keyboard for programmers (and monitors, memory, computer, extended storage, yati yata)

So yes, we are SERIOUS!

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Geoff Davis

Never get into mechanical keyboards lol

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im using some sort of external and easily broken keyboard alike. but i used that for gaming.

im using laptop. but since my laptop can be easily overheated for no reason. i open the top cover and leaving the fans rotating around 7300 rpm.

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Guillaume Chx

Still on my k95 from Corsair MX red not the best to code but not only doing that on my PC :p

At work still have a cheap membrane one but will soon change with a new mechanical from keychron (k8) hope I'll appreciate it :D

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Adrian Skar The integrated numpad is helpful but sometimes I wonder if the S version (arrows only) would make navigation easier. Definetly not going back from mechanical.

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Joshua Carmody

tl;dr - Corsair K68

I recently bought a Corsair K68, because I wanted a mechanical keyboard that would survive me spilling my drink on it. I've only had it a few days, but I'm pretty happy with it:

My previous keyboard was the DAS Keyboard X50Q ( ). That one was also fine, but it in some ways. I had some frustrations with the software and configuration, and the keyboard itself was very light and tended to drift around my desk. The Corsair K68 is heavier and the software is more polished. The Corsair also has hotkeys to change the keyboard lighting effects and styles without using software, whereas the DAS Keyboard doesn't.

(Incidentally although both of these keyboards support a myriad of lighting colors and effects, I always set mine to solid white all the time. Though I may use the software to highlight hotkeys in certain programs in the future, it can do that).

Before that I had the Code keyboard ( ). It was fine. Nice and heavy, felt nice to type on. But no frills. No macros or lighting, no spill resistance. If that's all you want though, it's a good keyboard.

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Valentin Baca

Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - 87 Key

  1. Mechanical: quality
  2. Quiet (Cherry Silent Red): I don't like loud keyboards and people on the other end of my mic don't either.
  3. Tenkeyless: better ergonomics
  4. Works great for Mac, Windows, & Linux.
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Brian Foley

I have a WASD V2 keyboard that I've been using for over two years now. It's great quality, and their customer support was great and quick the one time I had to use it (I had a key sticking that managed to fix itself somehow after about 2 weeks. Their support sent me a couple of switches for free because I offered to fix it myself).

I have Cherry MX Blues, but I think picking those are usually very subjective.

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I like mechanical keyboard and
am using CoolerMaster Masterkeys Pro M White with Cherry MX Brown

I've tried several other keyboards but I am settled with this, expensive but worth it :)
been using for 2 years

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Geoff Davis • Edited on

I alternate between a Leopold FC750 with Cherry MX Clear switches (relatively affordable and great quality: USD$130) and a Tokyo60 with Cherry MX Clear switches (more expensive, but easier to customize; group guy on USD$150, approximately).

Here's a photo of the Tokyo60 with GMK Oblivion keycaps:

Tokyo60 HHKB-layout keyboard with GMK Oblivion keycaps on a wooden desk

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Adrian C

For me, Thinkpad keyboard is the best I've used.
The only negative is having to switch ctrl and fn keys in the bios. (seriously, who thinks fn should be in the bottom left hand corner? Outside, now)

I don't like mechanicals, the keys feel way too high above the surface of the desk.

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I absolutely love my Vortex Race 3 with LED backlights. It is well made, looks great, feels great, and is an excellent workhorse if you don’t mind a minimal layout. The seller for me was the exposed switches and the stark right angles. Comes in a variety of Cherry MX.

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Paul Johnson

Mostly used a Kinesis Advantage until I got tendonitis in my right thumb because I beat the enter and space keys way too hard. Using a Kinesis Freestyle Edge now with the right space bar removed so I'm not tempted.

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I chose the gigabyte k83, it was the cheapest keyboard with cherry mx reds at the time, it's a full size keyboard with no gimmicks like rgb but it's cheap and has served me well over the last couple of years.

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Ken Simeon

My long time ride or die keyboard was a Kinesis Freestyle Solo until it literally died last year.

Before #StayAtHome I was using a basic logitech straight keyboard at work and the keyboard on my MacBook Pro ( I truly hate them both ).

When #StayAtHome started I bought a HyperX Alloy FPS Pro mechanical keyboard, because I like 87-Key keyboards & the price was good at Best Buy. I really liked the response of the MX Red switches, but had to give it to my daughter because of all the compatibility issues I had with it on my Mac.

Now I'm on a very inexpensive Redragon K522 RGB mechanical keyboard. It's another 87-key keyboard but with MX Red "equivalent" switches. I'll admit that I was sceptical about the keyboard when I bought it, but didn't want to fork out a hundred plus for other mechanical keyboard options.

Overall l'm really happy with the keyboard. The switches are a bit clicky, but not horrible in my opinion (my family links differently). I was excited to read & prove true that the function keys work with MacOS and I'm able to switch the RGB lighting sequences without needing additional software.

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Julien Gabriel

Hello there ! I personnaly use without letter on keys.
I can switch from AZERTY (french) to BEPO (french also but a way better for programming).

I'm looking into for my next one

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At work I use the ultimate hacking keyboard ( Kailh Black ) and the Ducky one two ( mx brown).
At home I use the wooting two ( optical ).
I recently ordered a Hexgears Gemini dawn. To try some Kailh box switches on.
I also have a Gigabyte k35 that I used for a while but that is a horrible keyboard.

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gorlok 🧉

HyperX Alloy FPS with CHERRY MX Blue switches.

It's a solid awesome keyboard.

I use that for coding and gaming on my main desktop PC (Linux Ubuntu and Windows 10).

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I recently went from a mechanical sharkoon board to a cherry scissor switch. It's absolutely perfect for me, although the only downside is that it comes without backlit keys. But hé, who needs to look at his kb anyway? (Ok, me sometimes ..)

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Benjamin Klein

I use a with a Logitech Craft with a Logitech MX Master 2.

They allow me easily switch between my Work MacBook and Gaming Windows PC, keep my desk clean and they work SO good. Best keyboard/mouse combination I ever had (and I had a lot, because I'm a keyboard/mouse buying addict :D)

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Evaldas Buinauskas

Recently bought a Leopold FC750R with brown switches. Very happy with it.

Leopold FC750R

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Geoff Davis

I'm typing on that same board, except mine's more beige and came with the green caps.

Love this thing! Cannot recommend it highly enough; I've had it for close to 2 years now and use it as my daily driver

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E Cognito
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Jim Priest

Code Keyboard but I've had them for awhile and sort of getting the itch for something different.

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Simon-Claudius • Edited on

Keyboardio Model 01 and Keyboardio Atreus (see image below). Recently switched to the latter as my daily driver. It was a challenge to create a layout that works for me given the number of keys, but I'm super comfortable with it now and am loving the tiny footprint.

Keyboardio Atreus

allen_lark profile image

i trying to decide between these two. both are smaller than my current setup. is the tenting/adjustability something you miss when you're using the atreus?

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Yuri Predborskiy

If I was buying a keyboard for work now, I'd take Logitech K120. Super cheap, comfortable for me, works well, doesn't break. Much more comfortable than other cheap models from other brands (but I haven't tried them all).

Currently I'm using Logitech G710+ (cherry-mx browns). Bought it many years ago, some keycaps broke in a few months of use, so I recommend buying 3rd party replacement caps for it (or just buy a replacement for all of them).

I also bought a G-Spec K530 (local manufacturer) keyboard with chinese knock-off brown switches. Cheap and works surprisingly well, 10-key-less design, fancy button backlight.

General idea: try something, see if it works for you. If not, many shops have a great return policy - use that.

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Russ (⌐■_■)

Logitech G413 Carbon. I loooooove it!
I first got one for my home PC. I quickly got one for my work PC and one for my server rack.

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Hidde Wieringa • Edited on

I have an X-Bows keyboard which I am really happy with. It has a split layout, it is mechanical and the keys are orthonormal.

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Omar Lozada

Been using Tada68 with Gateron Brown switches for the past two years. Since it is small and I can carry it my back pack.

Will be switching to Rakk Lam-Ang pro (TKL) once it arrives.

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David Bojkovski

I am currently using the Ducky One 2 SF, a 65% layout keyboard, which is great for coding, having arrow keys, but not so bad for debugging since it doesn't the function row on top.

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Adam Crockett

Apple wired keyboard, my poor hands 😭

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Andrey Luiz

Magic Keyboard for Mac with English (UK) layout. :)

louisefindlay23 profile image

Love my Anne Pro 2. Upgraded the battery and it's great for switching between my laptop and iPad depending on what I'm working on.

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Geoff Davis

Leopold is love

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Chun Poon

I've had a KBParadise V60 for about 5 years now. It's finally starting to wear.

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Michiel Hendriks

SK-8135 for the past... 15+ years I guess

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Bradley Wells

I use an IKBC CD108BT mechanical keyboard with my laptop. I got a good deal on an open-box, and I've had no issues. I use it in wired mode, but it can also work as a Bluetooth keyboard.

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Jeanine Hoffman

Kinesis freestyle 2 with risers.

gsiolas profile image

IBM keyboard M

isaacbroyles profile image
Isaac Broyles

Ducky One 2 Midnight:

My first mechanical keyboard, and I prefer full size keyboards. Purchased a few months back. So far I’m loving it.

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Maciej Modzelewski

I use keyboardio Model 01 ( It takes time to get used to it but its ergonomics is incomparable. And the layout is fully programmable if you want to tweak it :)