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What is your favorite relational DB?

When it comes to relational databases, I've mainly worked with just MySQL and a bit of PostgreSQL.

Some of the most popular alternatives include Oracle, MariaDB, SQLite, ElevateDB and lots of others.

What is your preferred choice when it comes to relational databases and why would you recommend it?

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Jukka-Pekka Keisala

Microsoft SQL because of tooling and documentation. I like also PostgreSQL with its additional NoSQL features.

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Ian Mubangizi

PostgreSQL is so feature rich

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Margo McCabe

Always an interesting discussion topic!

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hooopo wang


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John Peters • Edited on

I'm a TSQL fan (Microsoft). They provide free of charge the Microsoft SQL Express product. More than enough for a small buisness.

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Chris Bongers

MySQL, for me maybe just because I grew up with it.
But it works, easy to understand and I know the queries from the top of my head.

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Mirko Vukušić

MSSQL was allways one of the few MS products I really respected, especially it's tooling. However, lately it's Postgres.

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Jesus Pacheco

MySQL, it was my first experience.

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Ken Aguilar

MSSQL because of customer support. lol. For OSS projects, postgreSQL.

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Tobias Nickel • Edited on

looking forward for the developers 10 favorit RDBMS article 😉

I like CouchDB. Since Version 2.0 I think we can also consider it a relational DB.

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Postgres, MSSQL took too much memory from my server.

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Ian Wijma

PostgreSQL is my DB of choice if it comes to relational DB with the main reason being that it's so feature rich.

SQLite for local development and ease of use.

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Ian Mubangizi • Edited on

PostgreSQL, MariaDB and SQLite, in order of use and preference

They all just work, no weird problems

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Gabby Mturi


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Allen Miller

Microsoft SQL Server when it comes to Banks and Telecom in Toronto, good tools and documentation, and supported by Microsoft, you can always get someone from Microsoft to look at the server instance and figure out which new changed messed up the system :)

Anything else for startup and small projects, usually MySQL because of popularity, but it looks like it is deteriorating in quality (the installer not the db) so I am starting to worry that it will affect the overall quality of the none paid (free) version of MySQL

None of the above databases or any on the market are ideal, they waste everyone's time, but that is what is currently out there.