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What do you use to record the screen?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

Whether it is a YouTube tutorial, video presentation for colleagues or a screencast for other purpose, once in a while in the developer workflow you might need to record your screen.

I've mainly worked just with Free Cam and ShareX in the past.
What's your favorite tool to record the screen?


Editor guide

OBS or Loom, depending on if it needs editing


Because OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) can even record live chat, it’s perfect for recording video conferences so you can take notes later.

If supported by your desktop environment, you can even assign a keyboard shortcut to start recording immediately with the latest settings.

obs --startrecording --minimize-to-tray

Mac has a built-in screen recorder with Shift+Cmd+5 so that's what I use. I use iMovie for any minor edits that need to be done.

I rarely work with video, so pre-installed apps with limited feature sets work just fine for me.


I like OBS and ShareX features , but Do you know how to make below video effects, like with all Video Introduction image, Title Text, Colorful Captions, Transition effects etc

Or can we show the effects using a PPT ?


Is there a free Software to Edit Video like above , to make it look professional ?


@madza , Do you any free software as i asked above ?


One of the best and the feature rich software would be After Effects, it's paid, tho.
Here are some alternatives, some of them are free.


Hello, after quarantine came into our lives, I've spent like one whole week in finding a good screen recorder to share my demos/project to my teachers... and the best 2 I've found for Windows are:

  • Flashback Express Recorder when I need to make a video as professional as possible (with multiple options such as extern + intern audio record and FPS adjusting and Cropping and switching between monitors and many more)
  • ScreenRec when I need to record something AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, like in 5 seconds without needing to prepare, just crop like a screenshot an area in your desktop, hit record, hit stop and BAM, ALL DONE in a good quality... Of course it doesn't have as many options as FlashBack but it's fast, good and reliable.

Have a good day!


I use OBS as most of the people in here.

I've recently come across gifcap that allows you to record GIFs from your browser super quickly - and it's open source!


Just press Windows + G if you are a Windows 10 user!

You will poped up with inbuilt Xbox screen recorder, and their quality is Insane.


I personally like utilizing my elgato HD60s and the Xsplit software (may be called something else as I haven't used it in over a year). StreamlabsOBS and OBS are free equivalent software. But that's for streaming or video recording. As for screen sharing I don't. Never had a need. I would assume Skype, or something similar, would be good enough.


ScreenToGif is perfect if you want a simple, standalone screen recorder that can export to different video and image formats as well as PSD. It also has a build in editor and is really easy to use.

For longer videos I use OBS.


I use Quicktime it does the job. If I wanted something even more advanced then I would try something else.


So I've tried a lot when I was a Dev Advocate but I've settled on using Microsoft Teams in a meeting by myself and recording that way. You can do the same with zoom as well. It's low tech and just works for my needs of recording my voice and screen as I got through steps or discuss a topic.


OBS, and then Davinci Resolv if any editing needs to be done. Some things that graphics and titles can be done live in OBS instead of in Post. The results are usually good enough to save you time in editing.


I see many people using loom here. I just checked it, it in deed looks quite neat. I'm just wondering: are you all paying for it? It's not exactly cheap for what it does in my opinion... The free version just seems to support up to 25 videos.


OBS is easiest to use when I just want any kind of screen recording, however if I'm trying to get a high quality cropped recording for making things like GIFs, I tend to use ffmpeg and make it so it only records the small part of the screen I want.


I used to just use QuickTime, but have since switched to Loom and love it.


Kazam and StreamYard


For Linux - I use Peek - it has a simple, clean interface and can save as GIF, APNG, MP4, or WebM


QuickTime (macOS).


I use Kap Open Source screen recorder or built in Mac recorder


I usually stick to the inbuilt screen capture of macOS and when I used to work with windows I usually went with Bandicam


How about phone camera 😂😂😂🔥😎😎


Zscreen recorder and its pretty good


I use Peek to record gifs.


Definitely OBS, it gives you possibility of "live" editing like changing scenes with transitions or overlay stuff on video sources.


quickTime Player on Mac OS


I use Kazam because the app is nothing complicated. I can capture or record screen or selected area.


Windows key+G in windowws give an inbuilt mode for recording.
The quality is very nice and easy enough¯_(ツ)_/¯


For short recordings as GIFs, ScreenToGif


Loom has never let me down!



  • Licecap (gif video) quick and dirty (supports macOS)
  • Camtasia for editing
  • OBS for live streaming

lmao I use XBox game bar :P


OBS or GotoMeeting (web version - this obviously applies if it is an online presentation that I want to record).


quicktime. It's built in, records screen, audio and even your webcam picture. Plus its free. (well came with my Mac...)


Win + G. It's built in :)


As many others in the comments, I’ve also been using OBS for some time now.
Besides using it in all my YouTube videos, also used it for streams on Twitch and other platforms.
Works like a charm!


SimpleScreenRecorder on Linux. Simple and powerful tool.


Screencastify, a chrome/edge extension. Sync with my Drive account for instant sharing.