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What are your first weeks at the new job usually like?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

Depending on how often you have switched your jobs, you should have some experience on how the first weeks or so usually go for you.

Could you give any tips you have learned from your personal experience about the best ways to get used to your new working environment and become a part of the team?

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dastasoft profile image

I think that talking to people is the fastest way to catch up, if there is something we have as tech people it is that we want to talk about what we do or what we have done, talk to your teammates and if you can with other teams, the whole picture will come to you much faster.

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David Dal Busco

I shared last year two tips in this DEV blog post about starting in a new company.

In case you bring your own laptop, setup npmrc and git username.

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Oğuzhan Olguncu

If you are changing jobs around yearly basis like me😁. Changing feels easier each time, you become more flexible, resilient. It also keeps you quite sharp, and, I definitely love the feeling of it. With a bit of overtime work in your first 1-2 week you learn the ropes pretty quick, and of course ask for some pair programming that one always speeds up the beginning phase.

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Haris Secic

It varies on country. In my home country it was mostly effective you get all in one day an massive intros but all of them were IT companies or more precisely outsourcing software companies in term that they worked on things outsourced by others. In Sweden so far 3 companies had really bad intro process were you have to mainly activate yourself and seek how to start. 1st is my current company and other 2 are clients which I worked for. Really slow process without people considering how new you are to the company. Both clients are non IT. Anyways best way is to really dig deep through whatever you got and ask questions after there's really no place to look for anymore. And biggest one have a lot of patience and don't assume stuff. Try first to connect with people outside of tech like how long they are in the company, hobbies, do they have a partner, kids...

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Madza Author

Nice advice, thanks for the input 🙏❤

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Loouis Low

Usually, some preliminary tasks to test my skills meanwhile understanding the workflow and making sure I feel comfortable with the job for weeks. Some work environment encourages the employee to ask and be initiative instead of waiting someone tell us what to do. Suggesting to set up a Kanban for yourself to manage tasks and progress. Keep tracking everything and as always be initiative.