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What activities outside of coding do you spend the most time on?

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Taking breaks can help you focus, increase your productivity, and reduce stress. Often in the rush to hit deadlines and complete challenging tasks, we forget that.

What activities outside of coding do you spend the most time on?


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I have been learning Spanish on Duolingo for the last 6 months and now I subconsciously open the Duolingo app when I want a break.
It is refreshing, fun and I learn something new in the process.

Bonus: No regrets whatsoever compared to the mindless scrolling on social media that I used to do before.


I speak Spanish and using Duolingo to learn Italian. Small world mi amigo.!


Buena suerte con eso amigo!


Muchas gracias Jordan.


Well put, plus Doulingo is awesome πŸ‘


After coding in my work, I start coding my own projects lol. If I have some break I like to watch videos about technology or programming related stuff or read stuff about technology or programming πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


Music. But in my case music is the job and coding the hobby.


Whcih kind fo music would you recommend me to code?


Are you a solo musician, play in a band, producer, sound engineer, mixing-mastering expert? 🎢🎧


I play in various band, I also have a few composition/arrangement gigs. If I did more solo gigs I guess my fridge would thank me ...

Do you have something online to listen to? Would love to hear πŸ˜‰

Nothing too recent. I'll get back to you with a few old stuff πŸ˜„


I do watch The Big Bang Theory episodes.


me too 😁


Dog Training πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί


I play chess and read books. Recently learnt a few tricks in mid and end game in chess and mastered the openings. Learning a lot! Regarding book reading, I am doing something which was not possible earlier. Totally exploring a new genre-Realism. It's hard because it's opposite of most dilly dally self help books offer. It's raw and fresh :)


I am a triathlete so I spend a portion of my free time training each day. Beyond that I am also learning Spanish on Duolingo and I am a quasi-handyman so I am in the process of finishing my basement.


I've been doing a lot of writing recently.


When the pandemic hit i went down to my local art supply store and bought a packet of 24 colored pencils ($6) and a tablet of 8x12 paper ($10).

Drawing! There is no right answer.


Baking traditional sourdough bread πŸ€—


PlayStation or Photo Shooting or Mountain-Biking (I always bring along a small 13-inch laptop in my thin backpack, sometimes fresh air and earthy smell stimulate my creativity... lol)


Agree on biking, been there done that πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


Weightlifting, it builds character and feels good making slow consistent progress that is very measurable


I've been practicing touch typing on keybr.com since recently my wrist gets tired very fast.


I like to read a lot, snowboarding during the winter and fishing during the fishing season. I would like to write more but I'm a master procrastinator on anything writing πŸ˜„


always wanted to learn snowboarding πŸ˜‰remember watching Shaun White at the Olympics and XGames πŸ‚




hanging out with my girlfriend.


I like running and soon I will start practicing Yoga!!!!


Reading books, Watching coding live streams, if that counts as outside of coding, lol.


Sleep? I love sleeping a lot. I have started learning to play chess too btw


Reading the novel in breaks,listening to soothing music ....


Tennis. I've been having a blast this summer getting back into it. Such a great cardio and hand-eye-coordination improving sport!


I love biking! I'm also learning Japanese thru Duolingo and play piano :)


Reading, I picked up this habit a year ago :)


Do you have (.jpg) free time?


I have been trying to learn flatland bmx. It's challenging, but I'm stubborn and will figure it out with time.


Boxing and martial arts.


I played lots of Fortnite. but recently Im trying to read some books.


3D modeling is great fun I have been making things on and off for years. But unfortunately I just figured out how to get my work into the browser easily. So that boundary is now blurred 😬


I spend time watching movies, playing PUBG and youtube videos honestly!


I play the guitar and keyboard. And if I am not doing that I will be playing Rocket League or Among Us. :)


I like to play videogames, watch series and sometimes make barbecues. :)


I spend time with the family, play with my son a lot + I am former soccer player so watch lot of games.


I enjoy taking some time each week to write poetry :) warsawmountain.com/


I spend most of my time gaming, watching anime and playing guitar, coding looks like a hobby compared to my hobbies xD


I read a lot, of course, non-coding related books.
Ps: for all you guys out there who are struggling to get motivated, check out Goodreads, it's an amazing platform