How do you 'Save for later'?

Madza on August 04, 2020

Let's say you find an awesome article somewhere across the web, but you don't have time to read it. You need to save it for later.

So far I've tried only Pocket. What are your solutions to this?

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Mail to yourself, and never return to it :)
Honestly, the right solution for me is to read the article right there and then. "Perfect time is now"


Agree to your statement here, I never open my bookmarks.
But still as a suggestion your could check raindrop.io


Do check my solution that I added in the discussion and give your thoughts on it🙏


Fully agree with this.


Or snooze forever.


Been there, done that 🤣🤣
That's the only guarantee you will consume the info 📚


I'm using Notion Web Clipper extension. It scrapes the article to a new notion page.

Take a look at my saves :)



Before Pocket that it was Evernote, but didn't like my bookmarks mixed in with my notes. before that it was del.icio.us until it went away.

I literally never use the Pocket "read mode" (or whatever it's called) I just use it as a super-fast cross-platform/cross-device bookmark and "to read" list.


Can you look at the solution I came up with and give your thoughts on it ?🙏


What would that be?

So I decided to build a bookmark reminder extension that will ask for you to set a reminder everytime you save a bookmark and it will send you a push notification incase you miss to read them. (Most of us do this right ? Saving bookmarks for later and then forget so I wanted to solve that issue)
Do let me know your thoughts 🙏


I'll bookmark the article and move on. In the evening, I review what I have, delete any I read. Quickly look over the others and delete any that I realize I don't actually see myself reading. Rinse, repeat.


I honestly have tried too many and have yet to find my flow. I came back to Pocket since it is a part of Firefox recently and like it, but I found myself wanting more. I want an easy way to take things I want to read later, and send them to Kindle. The solutions available aren't the greatest, but decent.

I tend to have app overload so I have things saved in Pocket, Instapaper, Notion, and a few others probably.

Honestly, the best solution is the one that works best for you. Having a web clipper integration is definitely a plus though!


I've tried pocket its great, but quickly got full and unusable. My best way has been just keeping tabs open in chrome. Its a terrible experience, I really don't like it, but its about the only thing that seems to work for me.


I just keep the tab open until there are too many tabs. At that time, if I think that is still worth reading then I read it otherwise I close the tab 😝


Lol, I do the same and then after the reboot I have a hard time to decide whether to restore tabs (due to articles) or to start fresh without any mess to manage tabs 😂😂


I share it on my Facebook wall immediately.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook so chances are that in the future, while mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, I will want to read the article and then, it's right in front of me :)


I tend to use pocket when I’m going to read the article right away for a better reading experience.

For anything I want to save for later I have a notion.so page called “inbox” that a share the link with.

I clear this page whenever I have time to go back through the things I’ve saved by deleting them or moving them to a permanent location.

Note: sharing from mobile with the app installed or on desktop with the notion browser extension installed.


prepare to be mindblown
If you haven't heard from this app, you're missing out. It's original use case is documenting, notetaking, calendering, and overal 'organizing'. I use it to keep a lot of personal stuff, as well as todo's and work related cases.

But if you install the browser extension you can use it so save any page. Later on you can even add some tags or other properties, to keep things organized!


I used to mail myself, when Inbox by Google was around, to snooze then only to be ignored
Then switched to OneNote to store links only to forget them
Then I used to take notes on my ipad only to clutter my notes application
Then finally moved to Pocket

I generally read it at least once before thinking of Read Later


For verrrry quick reads I use pushbullet. It's basically the magic 'ecosystem' where Apple fanboys are talking about.
You can send/share urls with your laptop, phone, tablet,.... & it's GUI is just a chat. Very easy & quick but not very organized.


I used to use Instapaper (instapaper.com), but after struggling with a huge queue turned to the excellent ReadingQueue (readingqueue.app). You get a queue of your saved articles but have to clear them from the bottom of the stack, and can only skip an article three times.


I use a task manager (Todoist) for it.
Everything I find interesting and want to read later again, I put in a list there. I have set a recurring task everyday that I need to read (something). In addition, every month I go through the list to clean it.

After reading, or cleaning, I find that I want to follow up on an article (e.g. implement it myself, write something about it myself, etc.). Often its not one article, but several related articles. At that moment I create a new task for myself to actually do that, and add the articles in the comments of that task as reference material. That way, they don't clutter my "unclassified" reading list, but I keep them somewhere as a reference still.


I've seen it among the most popular tools for the job, tho never managed to try it, lol 😂😂


Used Pocket in the past, but it became an idea graveyard. Since my main news source is twitter, I use bookmarks or share with Google Keep and work them from there.

Oh, and of course I think some of my bookmarks will graduate from high school soon...


Pocket for websites works fine because I can use it on mobile and desktop.
I use tags a lot, it keeps things nice and tidy.

For reminders and sometimes pages that I'm gonna use soon, I send myself a message on Telegram.


I'll be lazy sometimes
If it's StackOverflow or a code example, I bookmark it but forget about it
If it's a snippet I want to use or look at a part of again, I save it in a text file and forget about it 🙃


I have a few hundred links in my facebook saved items, left over bookmarks from old work accounts and other things scattered here and there. I'm consolidating all of that into a folder in a personal repo and I have a recurring task on todoist to go through some of those. Right now I'm porting everything over and once it's all there, I'll be organising them and doing a small write up of the good points. Ideally I want a knowledge base I can search if and when I need it. But realistically it's all in text files and I don't plan on using anything more complex.


I add it to my bookmarks bar.

I have 6 folders that hold important bookmarks. Having them right there reminds me to check them when I have time, or they become relevant. If I feel they're important enough to keep they get categorized, if not I delete them after about a week.


I use the Pocket app. It's easy to use and integrates well across devices (I use the Chrome extension for most saving). Bonus: it works with my Kindle and iPhone (which I usually have with me) so when I only have a few minutes, I can pull up a few articles.


I've been thinking about this problem a lot.
I have a huge pile of things I want to read or at least save for future reference. At the moment they are all in TickTick (another to do list app) but to be honest it gets pretty annoying having them clutter up things I actually want to do.
I've even considered writing my own app to solve this.


consider me beta tester number one if you ever do this, seriously.


Sure thing. I'm currently looking for a new side project to work on. I don't know if it'll be this or not but I'd love to discuss it sometime.


I've tried various tools in the past.

Now chrome syncs between devices, I just use a well-structured bookmark folder in chrome bookmarks. I have a ”Read Later” folder which I try to keep empty, actively reading and deleting, after reading I will either move the bookmark to a folder or delete it.

For note taking I use iOS notes and if make blog drafts on my phone I use Byword which syncs to iCloud, I was thinking about buying the desktop version too but by the time I am at my macbook I continue my blog posts in VS Code where I have various Markdown helpers.


I use Pocket mostly, but in Telegram I have a private group named Bookmarks that consists of only me. Makes it pretty easy to save from anything on my phone.

Besides the Bookmarks group, I have a couple other private groups that I can use to categorize information I save.

Before Telegram, I would use +aliases on my Gmail account. I would email stuff I wanted to save to USERNAME+info@gmail.com. In Gmail, I have a filter that would archive any email sent to USERNAME+info@gmail.com and remove it from the Inbox. I still use it from time to time when I'm on a foreign system but want to save something.


So I decided to build a bookmark reminder extension that will ask for you to set a reminder everytime you save a bookmark and it will send you a push notification incase you miss to read them. (Most of us do this right ? Saving bookmarks for later and then forget so I wanted to solve that issue)
Do let me know your thoughts 🙏


I only use Pocket for "read later" stuff and YouTube "watch later" for videos :D

I read from many sources but my only source of "read later" stuff is in pocket and I do read them.


What an irony! I just saved this article to Pocket for later reading xD


I made a whatsapp group with myself (by creating a group with someone else and then kicking them out) the group is called "Notes" and whenever I want to save something I just send it to the group.


I self-host a Wallabag instance.


I've had used the Notion app. I've applied the method GTD (Getting Things Done) and there have a notebook called "References" to put those articles.
So It's working for me.


ctrl+d (chrome) :v


I have pocket installed on my mobile and as an extension in all my browsers, this saved a lot of time and provides consolidated list of my readings

Recently I started using raindrop.io a chrome extension.This supports cross platform sync of the Book marks. This has a mobile application as well
So all my necessary bookmarks available at one place. Raindrop.io supports grouping of bookmarks into individual folder structure which is very useful feature.
Thank you 😊


I use Pocket. I used it for a long time, and native itegration in Firefox only makes it better. :)


Pocket to read it, then move to Notion for later references.


Just keep the tab open forever


I send it to “saved messages” in telegram. And then use the search feature when I want to read or just forget it at all


I used to use Pocket which was fine but then I switched to Notion Web Clipper. It's one less app to use and its just as good as using Pocket in my opinion.


Edge => right click "Add to collection"


I open the article link in another tab on my mobile browser and leave it for later that night :P


Madza that is a great question by the way. One solution is to have one document like google doc, saving the links of all those online resources on it.


I use Wallabag hosted on a Raspberry Pi in my home office.


Most times this happens here and I just put it on my reading list. The other times I use Google Keep.


Telegram, browser bookmark, inoreader, Dev.to bookmark
Yeah this many places!


I usually use Telegram saved messages, or raindrop.io


I use Notion.so to save link and webapages.


I love Pocket. Although every now and then I need to clear the full list as it gets full of old articles I don't even remember and need to trash them out


During years I used del.icio.us which was destroyed by Yahoo! (as always). After that I migrated to Pinboard, which gets the job done 🙂


Bookmark with #toread


I've a public telegram channel where I will send to-read links, some of my friends are subscribed to it too


I've been using Joplin hooked up to Dropbox. Though I only go back and look at it every fer weeks...😅

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