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Do you use any antivirus, anti-malware software?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

I have AVG and Malwarebytes installed from ages ago, tho I rarely run them. They have become bloated since I installed them and nowadays are often pushed via other software set-up wizards.

Furthermore, I have no idea how effective the scanning of free versions even is, and is it worth keeping them around.

Do you use any antivirus, anti-malware software these days and, if so, what would you recommend from personal experience?


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Dor Shinar

I've recently switched from Windows to Mac for work, and now I don't use an antivirus.

When I had my windows laptop I used Windows Defender, primarily because it was free and positively regarded in general.

I focus on only downloading apps I trust (with an emphasis on open source), and use MFA when ever possible, and so far this has proved effective for me.

I also backup important files to Google Drive, so ransom based attacks will have little effect on me.

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Akhyr M

Hi there, i recommend Avira...personally i use Avira antivirus on my main PC and even though it comes with bloat i uninstall most of it and keep only the Antivirus software. Seems to work reliably and detects malware if i accidentally do an oopsie. Usually if i know im infected i immediately install Malwarebytes, Emsisoft, Rogue Killer, and AdwCleaner. thats to thoroughly remove unwanted programs and potential rootkits hidden PuP etc... then i uninstall it when i know my pc is already clean....On my other lower end PC i only use Windows Defender and i set it up for maximum protection using ConfigureDefender app by AndyFul on GitHub. Seems to be working fine on Windows 10 Enterprise. My main PC Has i5 6200u and doesnt get slowed down by Avira but my slower PC that only has Celeron n3060 i only use Windows Defender, i have tried installing Avira on it but without it or other 3rd party antivirus the PC seems to run significantly faster. I also watch the pc security channel that tries maximum security setup on windows defender using configure defender, on their test the setup can make the pc far safer than default even though there will be a risk of getting false positives.

balanceblind profile image

Yeah, I've heard about this antivirus and I know that it is not so bad. But is it free or not? Are there some trial versions maybe? I need to test the product before buying it. It is the most convenient way for me. If you want to know how to Secure Your Personal Data, then click here techwalls.com/browsing-safe-how-to... It is not a secret nowadays. There are some easy instructions.

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I haven't used avira since 2013. I miss those days. Does the umbrella still closes when the software is deactivated?

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Akhyr M

yes, it apparently still does. but new updates to the program seems to be removing the luke filewalker, cant seem to find it anywhere. kinda dissapointed i prefer the old look of the app that i can customize to what i want. othewise the performance impact seems minimal on a system running with SSD and 8GB of ram. i have running safer apps and programs as of lately so i rarely even use it for scanning and i just let it run on the background.

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Gary Bell

My work laptop (Windows) has Webroot installed. It's part of the company policy to have.

My personal laptop only runs Ubuntu, and I've not put antivirus or malware detection software on. I really should look into it just as a precaution, but I'm aware it also can bring a false sense of security

darkwiiplayer profile image

On ubuntu you can just sudo apt install clamav clamav-daemon, or just clamav if you don't want it running in the background :D

joro550 profile image
Mark Davies

How do you find WebRoot? I have it installed on personal machine and find it pretty unobtrusive

_garybell profile image
Gary Bell

I don't even notice it's there. I only know it's there because I signed the renewals at work and checked the version we had.

It never seems to slow anything down.

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M Adeel Ahsan

using eset nod32 internet security. Using nod32 for years now. The experience is so far really smooth it does not use much system resource runs quietly in the background

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Jonathan Boudreau

An anti-virus might be useful for those that are less tech-savvy, but I'd expect a developer to not really need it. Anti-viruses aren't effective at detecting malware from what I've seen either. The mandated anti-virus at my job wasn't able to detect the flatmap-stream malware for example.

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Sylvie Fiquet

I use Sophos. It runs in the background and occasionally reports about trojans and malware in junk mail.

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Mike Nikles

Not since 2000 :-). That's when I switched to Mac and two years ago to a Chromebook with all my development happening in the cloud (mikenikles.com/blog/why-i-use-a-cl...).

shadowscientist profile image
Shadow Scientist

Yes. I use ESET Internet Security. Although it's not free (I won't recommend any free antivirus because it's equal to compromising your device's security) but it's great. Flawless experience, low impact on operating system. You can try it. :)

arjunnarain profile image
Arjun Narain

I recently used MalwareBytes. It managed to catch a backdoor for Bitcoin Mining. Surprisingly, Kaspersky gave a clean report. Made me keep using MalwareBytes.

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Emma de Anitha

Recently on windows 10 i do not use any antivirus apart from windows defender, since it performs very well. But when using windows 7 i use 360 security.

sukhwant_mehmi profile image

Eset internet security

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Loouis Low

Been too long I never had any antivirus or antimalware on any of my systems. Which gave me a feeling that this kind of software never existed, or like, it was the year 1900 antiques.

anupamsahay9 profile image

Actual there no need of antivirus nowadays I never use them they just consume a hell lot of ram and do nothing. The most important thing you should do is to make sure that you have good browsing habits there are lot of virus still out there which are not detected by antivirus software. If you really want to understand this you need a virus uploaded to virustotal websites which will clearly state which antivirus programs are capable of safeguarding your system. Proper browser configuration will block all sorts of malware and viruses additionally all I use is system tuner to make sure that there is smooth functioning of my operating system. Even if you want to download and try stuffs you must use sandboxie which would create an isolated environment for running applications. If you want my personal configuration I can set up things for you if you want it .
Browser - brave.com/vin069
Cleaner - CCleaner
There's one more thing I also debloated my windows to make low consumption of RAM by windows bloatware application which I will never use. Windows debloater

If you want me to tune your system for smoother experience .
Here's my gig on Fiverr
If you want to setup your own firewall I suggest you to use pfSense firewall.