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Are GUIs better for learning purposes?

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Many concepts like OS services, databases, version control, API testing, etc often come with both CLI and GUI, meaning you can use them via the terminal and graphical interface.

Do you prefer to use GUIs when learning a new concept?

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Benjamin Dowen • Edited

I like a mix, as follows:

  • CLI I can script against
  • IDE with plugins for auto complete, formatting, lint where possible
  • Excellent docs with fully working examples I can build
  • Good reference to show me what is possible
  • style guide with any best practice or what to avoid
  • A web UI should there be anything I need to monitor or get feedback as to its current state!

Yes I know I'm asking a lot. But a great developer experience really needs these things.

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Mauro Bosetti

I usually starting with the CLI, in order to understand what's really going on. Once I understand the main concepts I'll switch to GUI to make my life easier πŸ˜…

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I do prefer GUI's for learning new concepts.

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Saurabh Sharma • Edited

I usually prefer GUI for things like database, analytics and dashboards