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Get it done

Exactly a year ago, I was all motivated to write tech blogs and decided to sign up to If you check my profile you would see that I joined on 01/01/2020

A year passed by and do you guys know what happened, you all guessed it right, I did not write even one article.

Whether it was fear of sounding stupid or laziness or a bunch of excuses I could come up with, either way the number of articles I came up with was 0.

I had two articles related to react hooks in draft but never posted them by assuming that my articles are very basic and nobody would read it.

Starting with 2021, I have decided to set realistic goals and write an article, no matter how basic it is and post it.

I won't be clicking on Save draft either :D

Please let me know in comments how did you overcome the above situation.

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I trully believe we all have something to share with the world, but are simply too afraid to click Submit (myself included)