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re: Speed is reason to do CLI? Well, first of all CLI is good for DevOps and scripting. .Net developers work in IDE and no reason to use CLI. How oft...

Speed is ONE of the reasons to know and use the dotnet CLI. And 5 seconds on a repeatedly executed command (e.g., build or test) definitely improves the developer experience.


Build and test have keyboard shortcuts. Package restore is automatic. Why would I type on command line instead of using an IDE? Just remembered, VS can run tests automatically after build 😃

Personally, I only use the CLI on a day-to-day basis because it provides me with a better development experience (e.g., speed of the commands executed, flexibility in IDE choice, etc.). So if you're very happy with your dev experience, keep rocking on. :-)

However, using the CLI directly improves your knowledge of it, which is irreplaceable if you need to manage the CI/CD pipeline of your application. Setting up some of my first automated builds in TeamCity was difficult for me because I didn't know how Visual Studio was working with command line tools (like 'MSBuild') "under the covers".

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