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Hey! I know I've already introduced myself, but I guess it never hurts to do it again (especially if you're reading this from the future). So... my name is Maciej, I'm 15-years-old high school student from Kielce, Poland, and I want to become a full-stack web developer. I am interested in old-school video games, and Formula One.

My programming adventure started when I was 11. Back then, I used to make rather simple video games and animations using Scratch by MIT. Around a year later I made a switch to App Inventor 2. It was created by MIT too, and the syntax was very similar to the one Scratch had. At that time I didn't know programming was something I would want to do for living... until around a year later.

It's Christmas 2017. My oldest sister bought me a web development course on Udemy. I absolutely loved it, as it gave me the sense of doing cool, real world stuff. That was the breaking point for me, to make a decision to become a web developer in the future.

I started this blog mainly to document the process behind making my personal projects, as well as my overall approach to making web apps (and of course, be a part of this amazing community). My technology stack consists of: Node.js, Express, MongoDB/PostgreSQL and Vue.js, but I like experimenting with different solutions too. I will also launch my own website/backup blog very soon, so stay tuned for that.

And now, time for a little FAQ:

  • How to pronounce your full name?

Like this

  • What's your favourite...
    • book? - Fables for Robots by Stanisław Lem
    • movie? - Le Mans '66
    • music genre? - bass house, but I can also dig tech house and electro house
    • video game? - Trackmania United Forever
  • How many brothers or/and sisters do you have?

I don't have any brothers, but I have two older sisters: Nina (26 y/o; the one that bought me the web development course) and Milena (24 y/o)

  • Will you just stop posting once the school year starts?

I'll try my best to keep writing new posts and making new projects during school year, but I might do it less frequently. We will see how things shape up.

That's it for this post, if you have a question of your own - ask me in the comments, I'll be more than happy to answer. And once again, I'm so glad to be a part of this community!

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Just a high school student who wants to become a full-stack web developer in the future.


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