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From my experience, Hugo is faaast but has cons, for me it's good only for static+cloud cms and simple stuff, need more plugins. Deployment on heroku is a breeze (1-2min max). Elm is a dead end to me and I think deno will not be good for production this year. Cheers and thanks for good list.


In my personal experience and opinion, I've used Gatsby and Jekyll, however recently I've moved 100% to Gatsby, by its simplicity and amount of plugins.

Maybe DENO is still in his first step, however as said, we don't need to use DENO because he says, is a good point to have it in this roadmap. :) . We'll wait for the next year.

Thanks for your comment and your opinions @Maciej! :D


I'm curious about deno and yet my feelings are totally ambivalent, I'll wait some time and see where it going. Cheers :)

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