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Discussion on: I Have Been Exclusively Working With The Aurelia Javascript Framework For 4.5 Years Now, Ask Me Anything!

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Maher Alkendi

Thanks for your answer!

One more question please!

Would you say Aurelia is more suited for larger applications then? when compared to others?

when I say large I not only mean monolithic I also mean it has a lot of programmers working on it at the same time.

In my short experience I noticed that Angular works a little bit better for large teams because of the convention (not necessarily true just what i noticed). Just wondering where Aurelia falls?

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Dwayne Charrington Ask Me Anything

All good, Maher. Ask as many questions as you want.

Aurelia is definitely well suited to large applications. That is not to say you can't build small projects with it, but sometimes you don't even need a framework or much Javascript for some situations.

I can only speak from my own experiences and seeing how other companies have used Aurelia to solve problems, but Aurelia still promotes breaking up your application into separated concerns, but it doesn't force you to adhere to any framework-specific conventions that lock you into working a particular way.

Aurelia is great out-of-the-box because it's convention-based, so you can get away with writing as little code as possible. But, for some situations, you need to override some of those framework defaults and fortunately, it gets out of your way and makes it easy to do that.

The biggest team I have worked on with Aurelia is six or so people working on the one codebase. That project spanned over a two year period, it was quite a large application in the end and the issues we encountered were not framework-specific, more so related to tooling. I think any framework or library can work well in large teams if you make sure you properly structure and break up your application into reusable components.

The biggest advantage Aurelia has in large teams is the learning curve is so small, that I have seen developers with little to no modern SPA experience pick it up in a week, working on new features and code relatively unassisted in a couple of weeks and being productive in another week or two after that.