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Discussion on: The Cloud Is the New OS - A Developer's Perspective

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Esteban Hernández

Those projects by Google, Facebook and that Elon guy are all nice but if history is a teacher, it will be plagued by artificial throttles and pricing schemes that will continue to prevent the expansion of the cloud.

Think about how nobody has access to real cell phone service (at least in the US) since all service providers have artificial throttles and data limits. Remember, back when the internet wasn't quite as fast? We could, at least, use it endlessly. Once we it reached a speed that was truly useful, service providers capitalized on it and nullified the progress that was made.

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Owen Far

Yeah, you have a great point here. I guess living in Europe has its own benefits on some things - sometimes. I don't know, I guess I have high hopes about things getting better on a global scale. Who knows, maybe one day in the future. But as you say, right now with all the limitations this is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon.