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Discussion on: Why I moved from Styled Components to (S)CSS modules

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Lynn Romich

I mean it in "why not go back to regular CSS" terms.

Because "regular" (unscoped) CSS is incredibly cumbersome for large projects, and it gets even worse if you add more devs to the team. BEM and other CSS methodologies took us some of the way towards fixing this, but they're cumbersome in their own right, and only help so much. CSS-in-JS and CSS modules are the first solutions we've come up with that make CSS work well at the scales often we write it today.

... to do things the way they were designed to be done?

CSS (and most web technologies, for that matter) was never designed to be used for many of the things we use it for today. Using everything as it was originally designed isn't really compatible with modern webdev.

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