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re: I understand typescript for big projects and wider teams to keep code self-described etc. I do think that there is an awful lot of extra typing wr...

I agree, not a big fan of typescript.

I'm also not a very big fan of static typing, but the person is coming from Java so, Im expecting typescript would be easier transition for him

That's true... I come from a C# background so TypeScript looks very familiar to me. I just appreciate the flexibility and terseness of JS and I'm not sure there are always benefits to type-safety when weighed up against the cost of declaring it. Again it depends. In C# I feel it helps because the JIT or AOT compiler use it to make code, in TypeScript it has no benefit unless I abuse the underlying calls without understanding the implication (then we end up in a premature optimization argument).

I'm not seeking to be argumentative, I feel I learn something from the debate.

Actually types in typescript are just used to provide better tooling (better ide support kindof stuff)

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