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Luxa CSS, the minimalist framework!

luxonauta profile image Lucas de França ・2 min read

Hi, I would like to present a project that I am proudly developing: a minimalist framework called Luxa CSS.

When we find a new tool, the first questions inevitably arise: "What is its purpose?" Soon after, "Will it works for me?"

Luxa is simple and focused; that's why I attribute to it the "minimalist" term. When I created it, my idea was not to make a Bootstrap (which is incredible) and still isn't the goal. The idea was a reset with some superpowers and widespread components in my daily use.

Like any framework, it makes writing CSS a lot easier, but the idea is not to stop writing your stylesheet; you will still need to code using it. But you won't have to worry about creating a reset or system of columns, rows and containers, and make it all responsive and suitable for production in addition to not having to link a gigantic framework just for that use. That's where Luxa finds its strength. It's a framework with:

  • A simple reset;
  • Avatars, badges, breadcrumbs, buttons, cards, collections, a navbar, pagination, and more;
  • Various helpers;
  • Containers, rows and columns system (based on FlexBox)

All this for less than <12 KBs (v1.1) and written with modern CSS. In fact, in the docs, I teach how to clone it from the GitHub repo, customize and recreate or create your components and styles. Because the more specific it gets, the better it will be for its user.

Now, a little bit of the history of this tool.

Luxa CSS was born out of a need for my co-workers and me when I joined Unoeste - Universidade do Oeste Paulista. Before, there was no standard for development. Thus, when another dev had to support a project they did not build, they wasted too much time understanding the responsible colleague's development pattern.

So I started planning Luxa. I built a base version, and it was quickly adopted. Since then, I haven't stopped developing it.

What are the next steps?

  • Forms

The goal here is to unify the initial look between browsers and common field types, almost like a reset, with a minimum of customization to look elegant.

  • Colors

I have been studying an excellent way to offer this feature. As I had no prior knowledge, it took longer than I wished, but now it is very close to being released!

  • Documentation translation in other languages

Very important for accessibility, I initially thought of my native language (Brazilian Portuguese) and Hindi.

In a few aeons?

Themes, templates, video tutorials, and Javascript code snippets to copy and paste and add functionality (Luxa CSS is a framework focused on style only).

Moving forward in spacetime, I want to make Luxa CSS a tool to help you develop your projects in a simple, light, and safe way!

If you are interested in the project, here are some useful links:

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sm0ke profile image

Nice - Good luck with the project.
P.S. You got a new GH star and a follower.

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Lucas de França Author

Thanks! 🙌💖

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looks pretty awesome

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