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FlashPay - Hack4Lem hackathon project

Python Developer, PhD dropout, Paladin Tank. Interested in Data Science and ML.
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This weekend, together with Jacek, we took part in the Hack4Lem hackathon. The event was organized by Microsoft, PKO Bank Polski and Instytut Polska Przyszłości im. Stanisława Lema. The main possible project topics were as follows:

  • Business and Tech: Bank of the Future,
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Cybersecurity.

You can find more information about the hackathon using one of the following links:

What did I learn?

As always, I try to learn something new during a hackathon. During this one, I had three goals:

  • Have a go at Flutter programming - using a predefined template provided by Merixstudio,
  • Try out drf-spectacular as a replacement for drf-yasg in Django,
  • Help Jacek learn more about how Python Django projects work.

I did not have enough time for a deep dive into Dart, Flutter and how the apps work in detail, but I managed to do a few things nevertheless by try and error:

  • Update the app metadata: application name and icons,
  • Generate a splash screen using flutter_native_splash,
  • Update code structure to contact and retrieve data from FlashPay API,
  • Write my own interceptor that adds auth headers to requests (really proud of this one!).

If you are interested in looking through the code of our application (whether it's Django or Flutter), please check this GitHub repository.

About FlashPay


FlashPay is an awesome product that allows you to finance shopping through banking services, that allows to obtain fast and safe credit with no formalities.

  • Dynamically generated revolving loan, depending on the history of inflows to the account and the balance of liabilities according to BIK,
  • The amount is limited by the PFSA regulations (DTI <50%) and the bank's internal guidelines,
  • The loan can be used with the use of the application while shopping online and in stationary stores.

Project Goals

  • Inclusive digital education, i.e. finance available to everyone,
  • Banking-as-a-Service (invisible banking),
  • Price lists of the future - how to help clients navigate the world of fees and commissions,
  • Smart Home and IoT - intelligent solutions in the world of finance.

Why FlashPay is awesome?

  • Instant, simple loan in an institution we know,
  • The amount of available loan is adjusted to the client's loan abilities,
  • Possibility of crediting smaller purchases as well,
  • Familiarizing customers with a "controversial" product,
  • The automated process reduces the bank's costs.

And here a short TouTube presentation by Jacek:

Application designs




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