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Discussion on: How do you respond to recruiters?

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Luke Duncan

I always say "Thanks for reaching out but not interested at this time - will reach-out when that changes on my part" - Something like that so they don't keep reaching out (obviously some do).

My opinions have kind of changed about recruiters. I used to get annoyed all the time at these pesky messages flooding my inbox. But at the end of the day, they are just doing their job. If they are flat out stupid e.g. telling me about an iOS role they think I'm a good fit for, when I'm actually a RoR developer and have no experience in iOS - then I don't bother responding. But I would say 90% have done their homework and tell me about roles I'd be suited for.

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Jen Miller

You are correct that recruits are just doing their job. I've worked with many, and they are under immense pressure at times.

You can when a recruiter has taken 'some' effort in making sure you are at least somewhat suited for the job. In that case, I normally will respond politely with a standard message.