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👨‍💻 Lucas Silva
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My 2022 career goals

Well, 2021 is finally ending!

I was thinking about what I wish to accomplish in 2022. There are some personal goals like being a bit more fit and living a healthier life, and there are some points in my career which I want to improve.


Up to this moment, I'm working with anything that comes my way: mobile apps, back-end, front-end, and so. I'd like to focus more on mobile apps being Flutter the chosen technology.


Up to this moment, I'd never had a chance to choose where to work. My finances weren't so good, so I had to take any opportunity. This time I've created a list of which companies I want to work for, which skills I need to improve, and everything else. If I don't choose for myself, someone will. That is the worst-case scenario.


I can express myself very well in English when I'm talking to someone, but my writing skills need a lot of improvement. In Japanese, on the other hand, I can read very well but can't communicate or write so well. So I've created a plan to improve those skills. Taking JLPT N5 and TOEFL exams is part of this plan.

Sharing knowledge

I feel obligated to share any knowledge I got with the community. Education is still something people in my country don't have free access. Sharing knowledge by posts or YouTube videos is one of the ways I want to help more people get into tech.

These are the four main points I will invest time, energy, and money in 2022. What are yours?

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Jyotirmoy Barman • Edited

Great Job😊👍🏻
Keep sharing knowledge 📖

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👨‍💻 Lucas Silva • Edited

Thanks ! I surely will !