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Brilliant blog, I agree with it all. I particularly resonate with your chapter on staying up late and being a night owl, I used to be so bad with this, coding till the early hours. It wasn't until I read Why We Sleep by Mathew Walker that I actually started to realise the importance of sleep!


Sleep is essential!!

First or all, It's a great article and I haven't finished it but have, on the others hand, saved it for later. The funny thing is, when you're younger you feel invincible and don't pay attention to your sleeping habits.

I belive this is especially prominent in software development community or maybe it's IT in general. I felt the need to comment since I've been doing dev for around 20 years, started when I was 16.

In the old days, I would sleep maybe 2 to 4 hours a day, and would stress myself to the point of almost collapsing.

After weeks of this torture, my body finally decided to put a stop to all this in a form of grand mall epileptic seizure. And there you have it.

If I hadn't been so reckless about my own health, my daily routine would not include taking two types of pills twice a day.

This is just my unfortunate experience and it doesn't happen to everyone but it could happen to you if you're not careful. Times have also changed, for the worse of course; now it's even more stressful and people are pushed to work even harder.

Go to bed before 2am, get at least 6 hours of sleep, it will increase your productivity and maybe spare you of any potential health issues.


Check this great article:


Thanks a lot for your words and the link! 🙏

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