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Somebody said that React isn't framework but only library. I think that the bigger one who have all in one is Angular framework


Yes, angular have the router, http service, rxjs, pipes, dependency injection, etc... All built-in. You don't need to pick one from others repo. It's force a structure to your project. For that reason big companies usually choose angular. The point is that angular team will take care of all the stuff for your. You're able to build the entire application only using the tools provided by core angular team. You don't need to find side libraries and decide which one feats for your project. That's the point


What it has built in isn't what makes it a library or framework, it's whether you call React code, or React code calls your code. In the former case, it would be a library, in the latter case (which is indeed the case) it would be a framework

Yes, that's one definition of framework (the one I prefer, too) but not the one the React team follows.

For them Next.js or GatsbyJS are frameworks that are built on the React library.

The React team can follow whatever self-delusional definition they like I guess 😜

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