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Discussion on: Algorithms are ruining our lives 😒

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Lukáš Zahradník

They use machine learning, which I would describe as using mathematical models to make the computer "learn" without direct instruction, while AI would mimic human cognitive functions. We are far from it.

AI is a large umbrella term, and Machine Learning belongs under it. Machine Learning models do not learn (yes, no quotes) without direct instructions as supervised learning is also a thing.
AI is not just about mimicing human cognitive functions (that would be cognitive computing?)

When I look at the captioning system and the automatic removal of objectionable content, many fails and false positives, the overall quality worsens over the years. More and more creators are quitting the platform.
They use buzzword like the so-called "AI" to justify their political and financial decisions.

I doubt that captioning system is getting worse over the years as there are improvements in this area.
Content removal, on the other hand, might be getting worse, but that is caused by policies and people tweaking it to, as you say, "justify their political and financial decisions." Still, in the background is the "real" AI.

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Lukáš Zahradník

I mostly agree with you that YouTube has those issues and get your points. My only/main issue was with it not being real AI.