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Reddit WordPress Themes 2021 (Best WordPress Themes Reddit 2021)

So, you’re on the lookout for suitable WordPress themes for your new page?

It’s better to conduct a throughout search, because your WordPress theme can make a big difference to your website.

If you use the wrong one, potential security issues or site speed are just two bad side-effects.

But how to find good WordPress themes in 2021?

Pretty easy, let’s ask hundreds of users that are already using WordPress themes, like for instance, people on Reddit.

Reddit WordPress Themes

If you want to read more about the best WordPress theme acc. Reddit, this article is for you.

And no worries, I’ve filtered all the unnecessary posts.

Looking through the most Upvoted Reddit Posts

To have a clear picture, I only have read the most upvoted Reddit answers. My goal was to find a clear winner and some sort of pattern.

One thing everyone on Reddit pretty much agreed on was Elementor.

reddit plugin recommendation

It's a page builder which is being recommended everywhere on Reddit. So, no matter which theme you choose - add Elementor to it.

Alright, now to the best WordPress themes.

Here are the winners, sorted by upvotes:

Reddit WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes Best for
GeneratePress Reddit's Best WordPress Theme
Astra 2nd General Theme
OceanWP 3rd General Theme

One thing I didn’t look at too much were self-build themes, since in this post, I’m going to concentrate on third-party WordPress themes.

Fortunately, with WordPress themes, I’ve quickly realized that there is a clear winner as of November 2021. Look at these Reddit posts.


Reddit's WordPress theme recommendation GeneratePress 1 in 2021

Reddit's WordPress theme recommendation GeneratePress 2 in 2021

Reddit's WordPress theme recommendation GeneratePress 3 in 2021

Reddit's WordPress theme recommendation GeneratePress 4 in 2021

Reddit's WordPress theme recommendation GeneratePress 5 in 2021

Reddit's WordPress theme recommendation GeneratePress 6 in 2021

GeneratePress is a WordPress theme that has a clear focus on stability and speed. There is a free version and a premium one.

However, one thing may come as a surprise.

How strongly Reddit is recommending the premium version.

Usually Redditor's prefer the free version of WordPress themes, but not with GeneratePress.

You can use it for free if you like to though. You have lots of theme options available and for beginners, there should be a theme design appropriate, no matter what your website is about.

What’ll you get with GeneratePress Premium?

The premium version is $ 59 for unlimited websites! That’s the yearly payment, if you chose the lifetime payment, it’s $249. What you’ll get then is pretty valuable.

  • More styling options
  • More functions
  • Special WooCommerce functions
  • The ability to use great animations (slide-ins)
  • Great support
  • Masonry layouts, smooth scroll and more

In other words, if you want to customize a lot of things and if you don't want your website to look like every other website, go get the premium version.

Reddit’s opinion on Astra vs. GeneratePress and OceanWP

These are the three WordPress themes for 2021 that you’ll find the most on Reddit. But why not simply go with GeneratePress? It’s clearly the winner, right?

Yes, it is. However, I thought this guide will be more coherent if I add two more options so you can choose.

Don't get me wrong, Reddit also loves the Astra theme. It's just that I was able to find more posts for GeneratePress.

If you like Astra though, go with it. It's being praised a lot by Redditor's.

What is the main difference between these three?

To be honest, the only thing Reddit did, was upvoting these WordPress themes. There is no big difference from what I see. However, Astra was being recommended a lot by Elementor users.

Reddit’s recommendation is to check out all of them and see which one suits you best.

My pick is definitely GeneratePress, just because I trust Reddit when it comes to WordPress.

If you have any questions, let me know.






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