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Best Web Development Course 2021 (Reddit)

lukaszadam_com profile image Lukasz Adam Updated on ・2 min read

During these times, wouldn't it be nice to improve your skills while simply taking an online course?

But are these any good?

I've asked Reddit again, to find the best web dev course for 2021.

Let me show you

BTW, if you want to read an in-depth review, check out my post about Reddits web development courses right here.

From the first view, it seems like udemy is the way to go if you want to improve your programming skills.

Udemy offers a pretty big range of online courses for almost anything.

When searching for the best courses for web dev's I've found this answer pretty useful.

Alt Text

As it seems there is this web developer bootcamp course which is recommended by a lot of people on Reddit.

I mean it's crazy, pretty much no matter which post you're going to open, you'll see this:

Alt Text

or this

Alt Text

So let's take a look at this course. (I've actually done it myself so read my opinion in the end).

This web dev course is actually insane when you simply look at the stats.

  • 60 hours of video-on-demand.
  • It was last updated in December.
  • Over half a million students are enrolled
  • This course has an overall rating of 4.7

So as it seems, people really enjoy this course. So it's number one on my list.

Alt Text

Best Web Dev Course for beginners

Number two is a course by Angela Yu.

This course is also recommended by Reddit web dev community.

Alt Text

How do the stats look like for this course?

Pretty good as well.

  • Over 300 thousand students enrolled.
  • 54.5 hours of video-on-demand.
  • It also has a total rating of 4,7.

And that's not even all. No matter if you check Reddit, quora, or another dev community. These two courses are HUGE.

Make sure to check these out.

My review?

Since I am completely self-learned I did these courses myself.

And I can tell you they are SURPRISINGLY easy to follow.

Even if you already develop pages, it's simply fun to recreate these projects on your own.

That's it!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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