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Best Python Course May 2021 (acc. Reddit)

lukaszadam_com profile image Lukasz Adam Updated on ・4 min read

Python is currently very much in demand.

And no wonder, it’s an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use programming language.

You can build tons of useful applications with it.

Automating things, creating games, or web scraping. All possible with Python. But to learn Python, you’ll need some help.

So today, we’ll use Reddit to find the best Python online course for 2021.

Fun Fact: Reddit was actually built with Python.

As always here are the courses I’ve found as a well-ordered preview.

According to Reddit, these are the best Python courses in 2021.

Course Best For
2021 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero Best Python Course acc. Reddit
The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp Best Advanced Python Course
The Python Mega Course Best Project-based Python Course

Let’s take a look at the first course:

2021 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero

2021 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero is a course by Jose Portilla.

This was the first course I’ve encountered while browsing through Reddit. A lot of people were recommending it.

Just take a look at these comments:

Reddit comment on the 2021 Python course from Jose portilla

It was last updated in March 2021, so all the material is pretty fresh.

Currently, over 355 thousand students are enrolled and the course is still rated 4.7.

You’ll get 22 hours full packed with great material.

I think if you start from 0, this is the Python course to go.

Why it’s better than simply watching Youtube?

In my experience, you can also learn a lot from watching YouTube. However, with these kinds of courses, it’s simply easier.

Everything is organized and you can ask questions. Something which is especially important in the beginning.

What will you learn?

  • How Python works behind the scenes
  • How to create games with Python
  • Comparison Operators & Statements
  • Working with PDF'S and Spreadsheets
  • Web Scraping (this is fun)
  • Understand how to use both the Jupyter Notebook and create .py files

This is the latest review as of April 2021.

python bootcamp course on udemy latest review

The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp by Colt Steele

Alright next is a course called “The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp” by Colt Steele.

Colt is a well-known coding instructor and one of his other courses called "The Web Developer Bootcamp" is highly considered to be one of the best web development courses on Udemy.

So no surprise his Python Bootcamp course is highly rated as well.

Over 80 thousand students are enrolled and the course has a current rating of 4.7.

You’ll get almost 30 hours of learning Python material.

What will you learn?

Basically everything you need to start out. Besides, you’ll learn how to code games with Python, how to learn TDD, or how to make an HTTP request to API’s.

What else?

  • Master the quirks of Python style and conventions
  • Work through nearly 200 exercises and quizzes!
  • Write your own Decorators and higher-order functions
  • Work with all the Python data structures: lists, dictionaries, sets, tuples, and more!
  • Master tricky topics like Multiple Inheritance and Polymorphism

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Oh and no worries, Colt explains everything about the latest Python 3.6 feature.

Here is the latest review as of April 2021:

colt steele python 3 bootcamp review april 2021

So which course to chose so far?

Let's wait until the end of this article. Then it will be easier to answer it.

The Python Mega Course

The last course you should probably take a look at is called “The Python Mega Course”. It’s a course by Arid Sulze.

I've found the recommendation on Reddit as well:

reddits Python recommendation for Python courses (*1)

I know, I know. I already told you about the best Python courses, so why another one?

Well, this course is extremely special when it comes to projects.

Because here's the thing:

You will learn the basics as well. Because as always in programming, you’ll learn the most by building real-life applications.

It’s a 25-hour course and it was last updated in April 2021.

Over 200 thousand students are enrolled and the overall rating is 4.6.

What will you learn:

  • Create a desktop app for storing data for books
  • Create a web scraper that extracts real-estate data
  • Use Python to schedule programs based on computer events.
  • Create 10 real-world Python programs
  • Create a geocoding web app
  • Create a webcam app that detects moving objects

Again, here's the latest review:

pythin mega course latest review April 2021

How to chose your Python course?

Alright, so let's answer the last question. Which one should you choose?

The thing is, everyone has his own preference. Sometimes you simply love the way an instructor teaches or sometimes the projects are in particular interesting for you.

That's why take a look through all of the courses mentioned here and check out which instructor is your preferred one.

Then decide.

You won’t lose a lot. Udemy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.



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