How could Google possibly know about this?

Lucas Meine on March 19, 2019

After a normal day of work I got home as usual and started to chill out at Netflix. After a few minutes, I have decided to finally watch the Le F... [Read Full]
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Yes I have experienced it many times.
I don't know weather I should be glad that we've come far or I should worry that I don't have privacy even in my mind!


There is probably a profile of you based on past searches. Based on this profile and other profiles like it, the model assigned a higher probability of you searching for the name of an art piece than "lunch near me" given starting input "lun".

Fun thing you can try: if you use youtube without logging in, delete your cookies. Your recommendations will change and be more generic. Same basic idea. Not sure how much is tied to cookie identifiers if you do log in.

Profiling and tracking have become a lot better thanks to deep learning. And yes this could theoretically be used for mind control, but we're not quite there yet. Nevertheless, I block tracking as much as I can, because this stuff could become very dangerous very quickly.

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